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If you are a business owner or work in Customer Relations please watch this video my teammates and I made for our Project Management class. Send your ratings of it to me via private message. Here is what I need to have answered after you watch it: Score one to five how effective you thought the presentation was 1 2 3 4 5 What was the most useful part of the presentation? 1 2 3 4 5 What was the least helpful? 1 2 3 4 5 What would you change about this presentation? 1 2 3 4 5 Overall how was the presentation experience? 1 2345


  • 1. ADMG 374 Online, Winter, 2013 Central Washington University Project Management Group #4 1

2. According to, the #1 CRM cloudprovider in 2011, Customer RelationshipManagement (CRM) is your set of businessprocesses and underlying applications thathelps manage all your customerinformation, activities, and conversations.2 3. No company can succeed without customers. If you dont have customers, you dont have a business. You have a hobby Don Peppers and Martha Rogers 3 4. 4 5. Acquire profitable Getcustomers Retain and/or win backprofitable customers Eliminate non-$$ CRMKeepprofitable customers Up-sell Cross-sell ReferralsGrow Reduce overhead costsCRM goals in a nutshell Essential to CRM 5 6. CRM using CRM tool specificallyCRM using stand alone products 6 7. 7 8. Companies are struggling to understand whatcustomers are saying and to keep up with thecustomers Scaling solutions for this new channel is amajor problem Better tools are needed now No one has all the answers All use cases start with listening Collaboration is the key to reduce friction andto stimulate the relationship8 9. 9 10. Social is empowering. Social works where allelse fails. Social is convenient. Social is real-time. Social is real. 10 11. Current trends faced by businesses include: Intense market competition Globalization High flow rate of customers Higher cost of customers New social media challenges Higher cost of doing business Overhead expenses11 12. CRM helps you help the customer Understand their needs Anticipate their needs Manage their needs CRM increases efficiency Faster decision making Personalized customer care CRM reduces costs Increases employee effectiveness Things can be done right the first time12 13. 13 14. CRM applications can be used to create aunified database to share allprospect, customer, vendor, and competitorinformation so it can be easily accessed. Examples of available CRM tools Microsoft Dynamics Oracle CRM InfusionSoft Batchbook 14 15. Utilizing CRM applications saves time andmoney by making the process easier andincreasing productivity. Target the right customers Increase profits with good ROI customers Eliminate non-profitable customers Automate processes and save resources Marketing campaigns Communications Templates Generate reports on activity Measurable metrics15 16. Selling a salesperson may be your mostdifficult task. They can be set in their ways Perhaps pride themselves on how theyvemaneuvered through the sales world over the years CRM can help support staff Automates tasks Saves time so they can do other things Activities are classified and prioritized Reporting provides measurable metrics16 17. Identify customer needs What products are they buying? How often are they purchasing? Where are they located and are there specificgeographic differences? What issues have they experienced that can beresolved? Additionally, how were the issues resolved in the past? Lead tracking Track new customers easily Maintain their information for future opportunities 17 18. Eliminates tribal knowledge Improves visibility across the organization Any exceptions are visible and well known18 19. Measuring the non-monetary benefits of CRM Proactivity Concern for customers Customer centricity Technology orientation Personal touch Modesty Ethical practices Promotion through customers 19 20. Developing a base of satisfied and loyalcustomers is no accident. Being proactive indelivering superior solutions to customersmust contain six attributes: Prompt attention to customer complaints Genuine interest in customer problems Fulfilling promises Providing relevant information Communicating effectively Cooperative attitude 20 21. Knowing customer Striving for theirpreferencessatisfaction Maintaining customerrelationships Genuine concern for Valuing customer customersinput 21 22. Remembering names Maintaining a courteous attitude Remembering special days Birthdays Company event Each customer is unique so a personal touchgoes a long way with customer loyalty!22 23. Satisfied customers become brandambassadors for your business Up to 25% of US adults use social media as ameans to deliver business and productreviews 38% of US adults say it is their goal toinfluence others with online reviews 23 24. CRM will help your business improvecustomer relationships CRM will help you manage those relationships CRM increases employee productivity andproactivity CRM decreases costs allowing you to do morewith less Many CRM tools are available, be sure to findthe right one for your company Customers are your greatest asset!24 25. Aun, M. A., & Gitomer, J. (2011). 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