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  • 1. File Server Virtualizationand SecurityAlan Kessler President and CEO, Attune Systems Irvine, CA USA March 20081

2. In order to achieve data protectionand security Irvine, CA USA March 2008 2 3. the right file must be in the right placeat the right time Irvine, CA USA March 20083 4. without disruption to usersand applications Irvine, CA USA March 20084 5. What Is File Virtualization? The ability to disassociate the applications orusers perceived location of a file from thephysical location of the fileTier 1$$$$$ MarketingTemplate.doc Tier 2$$$ MaestroTier 33060 $ daysdays Time 31st day 61st dayIrvine, CA USAMarch 2008 6. File Virtualization Case Study Leading technology company Spending ~ $1MM per month on storage Large NFS and CIFS/Windows environment Perceived Windows as area of greatest opportunity Very high performance environment Transparency to the user is crucial Initial assessment: 4 NetApp Filers 85MM filesIrvine, CA USA March 2008 6 7. Lacking Compliance with Business Policies:16% of Files are Unauthorized or Suspicious Irvine, CA USASource: Attune Systems Symphony Report March 2008 8. File Virtualization and Security: Next Great Wave Increasing file sizes Longer retention Diversity of new storage Compliance and data protection concernsaccelerating New types of storage and storage diversityaccelerating 9. Copies of presentation by e-mailing: Irvine, CA USA March 2008 9 10. Irvine, CA USA March 2008 10 11. The File Management Paradox Unstructured Data Growth Per Year (Fortune 1000) > 100% 1.3% 76%-100%4.2% 51%-75% 10.5% 16%-50%51.7%1%-15% 29.4% No Growth2.9% 0% 10%20% 30% 40%50% 60% Irvine, CA USA Source: Taneja Group March 200811 12. 38% of Storage Used for Likely DuplicatesMillionsSource: Attune Systems Symphony Report Irvine, CA USA March 2008 13. Costly and Inefficient Use of Storage:50% of Files Not Accessed in 6 MonthsPercentage Irvine, CA USASource: Attune Systems Symphony Report March 2008


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