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  1. 1. Figure DrawingLearning to draw the human body!presented by EmilyValenza
  2. 2. Start with an egg shape for the head!
  3. 3. Draw the curve of the spine and neck.
  4. 4. Draw a line for the angle of the shoulders and the angleof the hips. (Leave room for a neck!)
  5. 5. Draw two rectangular shapes for the upper andlower part of the torso. Draw an oval at belly-buttonlevel to show where the body naturally bends.
  6. 6. Draw circles for the shoulder and hip joints.
  7. 7. Draw rectangles or long ovals for the bones of the arms andlegs. Dont forget circles at the elbows, wrists, knees and ankles!
  8. 8. Draw squares for hands and long triangles for feet.
  9. 9. Once you are comfortable with this technique,try trickier poses:
  10. 10. If you dont have a model to pose for you,use a magazine, and try sketching shapes overphotos of people to practice!
  11. 11. Add details like hair and clothing once drawing thebasic gure becomes easy for you:
  12. 12. Practice! Any time you are in a public space, you havehundreds of models waiting to be drawn!