fifteenth infantry regiment .fifteenth infantry regiment ... ranging from m4 carbine and m9 pistol

Download Fifteenth Infantry Regiment .Fifteenth Infantry Regiment ... ranging from M4 carbine and M9 pistol

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  • July 2014

    Fifteenth Infantry Regiment The Old China Hands

    DRAGON 6 SITREP In our last newsletter, we were ecstatic about our upcoming rotation to the National Training Center. No sooner had the newsletter gone to print that we learned the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team would NOT be going to the NTC and would continue to focus on our missions in support of NORTHCOM. The Soldiers of 1-15IN responded with our normal CAN DO! and continued mission. In addition to maintaining our rapid reaction force capabilities, we were able to shoot tank and Bradley gunnery, infantry squad live fires, and mortar sustainment gunnery.

    The past few months have seen a wide variety of traditional training, ranging from M4 carbine and M9 pistol ranges, tank and Bradley gunneries, and finally Heavy Mortar Platoon sustainment live fires. In preparation for crew-level gunnery, our Abrams and Bradley crewmen conducted a rigorous battery of training and testing known as the Gunnery Skills Test, followed by over 30 scenarios in simulations, to prepare for live fire qualification. As our Infantrymen prepare for upcoming EIB training and testing, our Armor crewmen build on the success of crew-level gunnery to train and prepare for section-level maneuver training leading into platoon live-fires.

    As U.S. Northern Commands (U.S. NORTHCOM) regionally-aligned force (RAF), the battalion is prepared to deploy in support of contingency operations within NORTHCOMs area of operations. As part of this Soldiers from our Infantry and Armor companies conduct regular rapid reaction force sustainment training to keep these non-traditional skills sharp in the event that we are called upon to support emergencies. To ensure deployment readiness, we conduct emergency deployment readiness exercises (EDREs), which take select companies through an N-hour sequence starting with a no-notice alert and executing the procedures to quickly and safely deploy in support of NORTHCOM. To keep deployment readiness from atrophying, the battalion staff conducts periodic checks of Soldier Readiness Packets that identifies and corrects deficiencies.

    The past month has also allowed us to take a step back from the high operational tempo to build resiliency within our formations through events such as the 15th Association Dinner, where five generations of CAN DO veterans and alumni gathered in fellowship and camaraderie. In addition to this, CSM Barretto and I were honored to attend the monument dedication at the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield, honoring the 15th, 16th, 18th, and 19th Regiments on the 150th anniversary of the Civil War battle. Adding to these events, nearly 200 CAN DO Soldiers attended the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team Ball, celebrating with a night of good food, good company and good dancing. Lastly, over the next several weeks, Soldiers will be given the opportunity to take leave and enjoy a much needed period of relief with friends and families. CSM Barretto and I are proud to serve this great Battalion in our historic regiment where we will continue to build on the traditions and legacy of the 15th Infantry. CAN DO!

    DRAGON 6 & DRAGON 7 Photos begin on page 12


  • July 2014

    OFFICERS AND STAFF PRESIDENT COMMANDER 1ST BN EDITOR, THE DRAGON LTC Timothy R. Stoy LTC Scotty W. Mueller MSG Ed Holt 6531 Milva Lane 8747 Marne Road 17200 Park Circle Springfield, VA 22150 Ft. Benning, GA 31905 Eden Prairie, MN 55346 703-912-4218 706-544-1633 952-937-8116 VICE PRESIDENT COMMANDER 3RD BN TRUSTEES Addison D (Tad) Davis IV LTC Nathan Minami Richard N. McKiddy 140 Pitman Street Apt 202 594 Vanguard Road Ste 3071 12105 East Court Providence, RI 02906 Ft. Stewart, GA 31314 Kansas City, MO 64133 401-270-0315 912-435-7697 816-509-7633 SECRETARY CSM 1ST BN Joseph W. Herron CSM Phil K. Barretto Leonard L. Lassor PO Box 179 8747 Marne Road 690 Salman Fall Road Lakeville, CT 06039 Ft. Benning, GA 31905 Rochester, NH 03868 860-985-6174 706-544-1228 603-335-3554 TREASURER CSM 3RD BN Bart Viruso CSM Shawn Carns Warren E. Sessler 116 Harriett Road 594 Vanguard Road Ste 3071 PO Box 778426 North Babylon, NY 11703 Ft. Stewart, GA 31314 Henderson, NV 89077 631-587-0587 912-435-7698 909-392-5996 MEMBERSHIP CHAPLAIN Michael W. Friend Charles C. Trout Michael J. Horn 6018 Old Dominion Road 10191 Birchwood Drive 1833 Walker Ridge Drive Columbus, GA 31909 Huntington Beach, CA 92646 Marietta, GA 30064 706-568-6436 706-544-1735 678-581-0392 HSGMOR HISTORIAN DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR Mark T. Baker LTC Timothy R. Stoy Tom R. Heitzer 5415 Roaring Branch Road 6531 Milva Lane 231 Normandie Drive Columbus, GA 31904 Springfield, VA 22150 Bonne Terre, MO 63628 706-566-5165 703-912-4218 573-358-1830 HCOR WEBMASTER CHINA ROOM CUSTODIAN Jerry Bates Michael J. Horn LTC Scotty W. Mueller 3017 Margaret Jones Lane 1833 Walker Ridge Drive 8747 Marne Road Williamsburg VA 23185 Marietta, GA 30064 Ft. Benning, GA 31905 757-645-4765 678-581-0392 706-544-0392


  • July 2014

    The Dragon is the quarterly publication of the 15th Infantry Regiment Association. It is published in January, April, July and October. Neither its editorial nor articles content carry official endorsement of the Association. Input for the Dragon is due the 15th of each month prior to publishing. ASSOCIATION OBJECTIVES To perpetuate and foster the history and traditions of the Regiment. To provide opportunities for uniting past and present members of the Regiment into a close and cooperative alliance. To promote morale and high espirit de corps among members of the Regiment. To acquire and maintain a repository of Regimental historical memorabilia To assist in the maintenance of monuments dedicated to the units of the 15th Infantry Regiment

    15th INF Regiment Association Founders 22 Founding Members

    Jesse Anderson Donald Chase Ramon Clark Charles Crain Jerry Cunningham

    Edward Dojutrek* George Doyle* Tom Godfrey* Andrew Gunderson* Michael Halik

    Jack Jordan Maurice Kendall Leonard Lassor Norman MacIntyre* George Mohr*

    Whitney Mullen Lindsey Nelms* James ODell Sr.* Howard Palm* Howard Quick*

    Raymond T. Taylor* Frank Yokum*

    *Astrick denotes deceased member

    Chaplains Message

    The United States declared war on Britain in 1812. In 1814, the British captured Washington. D.C. burning the White House and the Capitol. The British marched south to Maryland, taking hostages as they went. The hostages were held prisoner on British ships in Baltimore harbor.

    Francis Scott Key, a thirty- five- year- old attorney, was charged with negotiating for the American prisoner's. While negotiating, on board of a British ship, the British fleet lobbed 1,800 shells into the Fort McHenry. After the battle, Francis Scott Key waited anxiously on deck for the sun to rise. To his delight, he saw the American flag being raised over the Fort. He wrote some words on a piece of paper. Those words became "The Star Spangled Banner."

    Let's pray that during the Fourth of July parades and department store sales that we all take a moment to thank those who keep that flag waving today.

    May God continue to bless America! Your chaplain,

    Chuck Trout


  • July 2014


    JOHN M BIELING-LM Westport, CT SGT, A CO, 1 BN, KW 1950 - 1952 DOD Mar 20, 2012 Reported by Tom Heitzer

    OLA L. MIZE-DM MOH Gadsen, AL COL, K CO, 3 BN, KW 1953 - 1954 DOD Mar 12, 2014 Reported by David Mills to Rich Heller.

    BROCK C. LIPPITT Kingsburg, CA 1 LT, K CO, 3 BN, KW 1951 - 1953 DOD Mar 6, 2014 Reported by Rich Heller

    CARL A. FUNTAL Conneautville, PA PFC, C CO, 1 BN, WWII Apr 1943 Oct 1945 DOD May 14, 2014 Reported by nephew to Michael Friend

    MURPHY L. DAVIS Hampton, VA 1SGT, K CO, 3 BN, KW Dec 1951 Feb 1953 DOD May 22, 2014 Reported by Rich Heller

    MARIO ROCCABRUNA New City, NY SGT, H CO, 2 BN, WWII DOD Dec 6, 2013 Reported by Rich Heller


  • July 2014


    Listed in the chart below is an update of the 15th Association Founders list.

    Chaplains message

    We fought to obtain our freedom: now we should vote to keep it

    Regardless of your political association, there are certain facts that you should know before you vote. You should review and understand the principles on which this nation was founded. Our fore-fathers were brilliant men. I researched several historical records to find


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