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  • 1. Global festival of sport- but is it just about the football?
    This summer South Africa will host the FIFA 2010 World Cup, the largest international event ever held on African soil.
  • 2. Citizenship Lesson Monday 14th June
    Topic- using the World Cup in Africa to reaffirm that solidarity with South Africans in their struggle for freedom and democracy, to celebrate diversity and tackle racism in our society.
  • 3. economic benefit to South Africa could reach $7 billion.
    more than 400,000 jobs have already been created, which is significant in a country with 23.5 percent unemployment.
    direct economic value for GDP is approximately $21.3 billion
    South African government plans to spend a total of $2.2 billion for stadiums and infrastructure
    • 32 teams with an average of 50 people per team
    • 4. 14,500 VIPs and dignitaries,
    • 5. 500 officials
    • 6. 10,500 media.
    • 7. A projected number of half a million foreign visitors (located outside of Africa) are expected and staying an average of 15 days.[
    South African economy will improve by attracting international investors
    The government also plans to spend millions building a new international airport.
  • 8. The World Cup will not just showcase South Africa, it also has the potential to reshape many people's view of the continent as a whole.
    Most news stories that come out of Africa are negative: wars and humanitarian crises, despots and rebel leaders. From Darfur to Zimbabwe and Somalia to Guinea, when Africa makes the headlines it tends to be for the wrong reasons.
    Yet this summer Africa will be the backdrop to a month-long "good news" story. For the first time since the World Cup first took place in 1930 it will be held in Africa.
  • 9. Many communities in Britain have a long and proud history of standing in solidarity with South Africans in their struggle for freedom and democracy.
    World Cup 2010 provides an opportunity to celebrate and reaffirm that solidarity, celebrate diversity and tackle racism in our society.
  • 10. Follow your country..Every tutor group had a country playing in this months world cup, pulled out of the hat.
  • 11. Create a factfile of your country.
    Develop a timeline of important events for your country.
    Design your own football strip for your country
    Colour your countries flag
    To learn about the South African struggle for freedom and discuss the issues surrounding it.
    Create your own country- develop your own mission statement, create your countries flag, create a chant for your country.
    Discover what the impact is of the worlds media on Africa for a month.
    Write a World Cup blog
    Make your own world cup trophy
    Football in different languages
    Activities to choose from;
  • 12. Resources- at end of document +
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