FIFA WORLD CUP 2015: Social Effects

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  • FIFA World Cup 2015:Social Effects of Beer Market Promotions among University Students from Guayaquil Cynthia L. Romn Bermeo

    Revista Strategos Internacional

  • OutlinePresentation of the problemMain objectiveReference FrameworkResearch MethodologyFindingsConclusions

  • Problem

  • ObjectiveCharacterize the socio-economical variables of the university students who drink alcohol during football matches.

  • Reference Framework

  • Research Methodology

  • Findings

  • Findings

  • Findings

  • Conclusions80% university students are motivated to drink alcohol so as to be socially recognized.1 out of 3 university students drink alcohol during soccer matches.The consumption effects are affected depending on the marital status and the income of the person.

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