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FIFA World Cup 2002. By: Shahad Younis. FIFA World Cup 2002. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


FIFA World Cup 2002

FIFA World Cup 2002By: Shahad Younis1FIFA World Cup 2002 The FIFA world cup tournament I chose to talk about was the 2002 FIFA world cup. It was held in South Korea between 31st May to 30th June 2002. The wining team was Brazil, the Runner Up team was Argentina, and in Third place was Turkey.

Who were the Finalists, Who Won, The Score? The two finalists were Brazil and Germany. Brazil won with a score of 2-0.In this tournament there were 64 matches and 161 goals scored. What was the scoring sequence and who scored? The final goal sequence was that Renaldos teammate stole the ball from Caucu and then got to the other side of the pitch the made an inside kick to Renaldo and Renaldo made an In step kick and scored the winning goal. 8 of the 161 goals that were scored were by RenaldoChoose 1 of the goals and use Football terminology the sequence up to the goalThe goal that I chose to talk about which was the winning goal. this goal Renaldos teammate had the ball that he stole from Caucu in the German team then made an inside pass to Renaldo then Renaldo made an In step pass past the goalie and into the goal.

What the defense could have done to try and stop the goal from being scored? The defense players in the German team could have been quicker when they tried to tackle Renaldo and also they could have been closer to the goalie so that they can defend him.Also instead of letting the Brazilian player keep the ball for so long they could have focused on tackling him before he passed to Renaldo. What individual skills have been used by the attacking team? The individual skills that were used in the attacking team were that the attackers always tried to pass the ball around all of the players and back to them so that the attackers can get to the goal at the same time that the ball gets back to them and they could score easily. The mid fielders followed the ball wherever it went and kept passing to one another like when Rhobino was mid-fielder he kept passing to all of the other players.

Was there any movement off the ball by other attackers to draw defenders away from the goal scorer? There was no movement off the ball because I dont think that that was part of the Brazilian or German strategy because of the pressure of winning the FIFA World Cup 2002 or that nobody thought that it would be successful. BibliographyInformation: