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  • August 21, 2015

    Literary Genres Literary Genres

    Major Categories

    Fiction Nonfiction

    Poetry Drama


    Fiction *a made-up story - NOT real

    *can tell about events that could have happened

    *read for enjoyment or analysis

    *can include real or imaginary people

    Fiction Subcategories:




    Science Fiction

    Historical Fiction


    Fiction Realistic Fiction

    *can be based on a real story

    *the story could happen in real life

    *the characters act like real people

    *the characters have feelings and behavior that imitate real people

    *the character(s) try to solve conflicts

    *some of the story could be historically


    Fiction Fantasy

    *characters may have special powers

    *magic is typically a part of this genre

    *characters may be imaginary beings

    *animal characters may act like people (talking, etc.)

    *setting may be in another time period (past/future)

    *very strong good vs. evil conflict

  • August 21, 2015

    Fiction Mystery

    *includes secrets or crimes to be solved

    *a character is usually a "detective"

    *heavily uses suspense, foreshadowing and mood/tone

    *a "red herring" is often used

    *ending is called the "denouement"

    *can include horror stories

    Fiction Science Fiction

    *deals with science or technology of the future

    *some of the science/technology may be somewhat believable

    *setting is often in outer space or another dimension

    *characters may be human or other worldly

    *may focus on how science/technology has changed/will change society or culture

    Fiction Historical Fiction

    *set in the past

    *based on true historical events

    *main characters aren't real, but famous people from the past may be a part of the story

    Fiction Adventure

    *fast moving action, discoveries of new and exciting things, and moments of danger

    *main character usually encounters adversaries (enemies) that create obstacles (nature, wildlife, etc.)

    Nonfiction *includes facts that can be proven/ checked

    *the author is considered an expert on the topic

    *it is TRUE

    Nonfiction Subcategories:




  • August 21, 2015

    *writing about a specific topic such as a sport, a place, an event or a time period

    *can be in the form of a magazine article, a book, an online article, etc.


    Informational nonfiction that is a biography of a person written by him or herself



    nonfiction that tells about the life of a person but is written by someone else


    Biography *meant to be performed *characters and conflicts are developed through dialogue and action

    *can include comedies, tragedies, historical dramas, etc.


    Poetry *page format may look different than prose

    *may have rhyme & rhythm

    *usually imaginative & creative

    *often has a lot of figurative

    language and sound devices

    *can tell a story in verse

    *began as an oral tradition - "storytelling"

    *more frequently told than read

    *passed down from generation to generation

    *often have universal/timeless themes

    *helped a culture make sense of its


    *"explains" the origin of



  • August 21, 2015


    Myths Folk Tales

    Fables Fairy Tales Tall Tales Legends

    Folklore Myths


    *features gods and other supernatural beings who often show human emotions *reveals the consequences of human errors *explains how something came to be

    Examples of Myths Folklore


    •“Pandora’s Box”

    •“Big Foot/Yeti”

    •“Santa Claus”

    Folk Tales Folklore

    §simple stories passed down by word of mouth

    §focus on basic ideas about life and how to behave

    §have universal themes

    Examples of Folk Tales Folklore

    *Stone Soup

    *Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

    *The Three Little Pigs

    Fables Folklore

    • characters are animals that act like humans • often very short • teach a lesson/ • have a “moral of the story”

  • August 21, 2015

    Examples of Fables Folklore

    • “The Tortoise and the Hare”

    • “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”

    • “The Ant and the Grasshopper”

    Fairy Tales Folklore

    •Uses phrases such as “Once upon a   time…” and “They lived happily ever after.” •Includes plot elements that are make believe •Usually a strong good vs. evil element •Usually includes royalty of some sort (prince, princess, etc.)

    Examples of Fairy Tales Folklore

    •Cinderella •Snow White and the Seven Dwarves •Ella Enchanted •Cinder Edna

    Tall Tales Folklore

    •Humorous stories about impossible events •Hero is larger than life •Conflicts are solved in humorous ways •Hyperbole is used to emphasize the hero’s qualities and to create humor

    Examples of Tall Tales Folklore

    •Paul Bunyan •Pecos Bill •John Henry

    Legends Folklore

    • Often based on historical truth • Heroes use strength and intelligence to solve

    problems • Uses exaggeration/hyperbole • Hero often gives up happiness

    to help others

  • August 21, 2015

    Examples of Legends Folklore

    •Robin Hood •Blackbeard •King Arthur •Johnny Appleseed