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Visit: http://kayo-anime-clothing.myshopify.com/Animashion

Everyone probably has experienced such desire of becoming somebody else or a different version of themselves. Every girl at one-point dreams of becoming as powerful and cool or gorgeous and smart like those heroines in her favorite cartoon shows.

Alice fleece jacketFull length, A line super cozy warm coat.

High neck with 3 rows of buttons to make a ninja hood.

Lacing at back waist , great for multi layer climate. Side pockets.

Corset style adjustable waist string.

Color:Black, White, Plum, Gray

Visit: http://kayo-anime-clothing.myshopify.com/


Blanket Poncho

Cozy blanket tribal print poncho.

Buttons at front, pockets at bottom. Hood is lined with warm fleece.

There is one additional button at left shoulder for wrap around look.

Screen print at back of hood. Print design is KAYO original, inspired by nepal mandala from Nepal traveling.

Material: wool/polyester mix

Size: one side fit all

For Men and WomenVisit: http://kayo-anime-clothing.myshopify.com/


Chevron booty shortVisit: http://kayo-anime-clothing.myshopify.com/

Peace inspired print, fold over booty shorts with elastic back waist.

Perfect for summer parties, yoga or the beach.


Canvas Mini Skirt BeltFun mini skirt belt is so practical , It got 2 pockets - Big one in back would hold I phone.. Wear it with a mini skirt, a legging, a long skirt, anything!

Colors : Stonewash Gray, Black

Sizes : waist measurement 32" - 38"measurement is when it is snapped as shown in picture.

You can adjust the size by using different snaps as well we side lacing. ( comes with 3 snaps )Please specify color & size you would like when place on order.

Visit: http://kayo-anime-clothing.myshopify.com/


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Store front for KAYO anime clothing.

Address: 2415 mission st, SF.

Hours: Sun & Mon 1pm-6pm Wed & Thur 12pm- 8pm, Fri & Sat 2pm - 10pm Closed Tue.Visit: http://kayo-anime-clothing.myshopify.com/



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