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Fermilab Cryomodule QA/QC Model. Jamie Blowers LCLS-II EDM/PLM Applications 31-Mar-2014. Outline. QA/QC “first principles” Fermilab QA, Procurement, and Engineering framework QA/QC staff and function infrastructure Process control software infrastructure, Vector - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


J. Blowers (Fermilab)

Fermilab Cryomodule QA/QC ModelJamie BlowersLCLS-II EDM/PLM Applications31-Mar-2014OutlineQA/QC first principlesFermilab QA, Procurement, and Engineering frameworkQA/QC staff and function infrastructureProcess control software infrastructure, VectorOur approach to-date regarding cryomodule assemblyChallengesFirst order QA/QC scenario for LCLS-IISecond order scenariosDiscussion31-Mar-2014J. Blowers | FNAL QA/QC2QA/QC First PrinciplesApply our limited resources in the most effective way possible to minimize risk and assure that all requirements are metEnsure that requirements/expectations, both in-house and external, are as clear as concise as possibleCulture counts; leverage its strengths, account for its weaknessesAs much as possible leverage proven and effective processes/tools

31-Mar-2014J. Blowers | FNAL QA/QC3Fermilab QA and Engineering Framework31-Mar-2014J. Blowers | FNAL QA/QC4

Staff/function Infrastructure31-Mar-2014J. Blowers | FNAL QA/QC5

HiringHiringProcess Control System: VectorAll travelers are fully electronic; http://vector.fnal.gov/System is currently read-only to the world, so easy data sharing is in placeCurrent cavity travelers:31-Mar-2014J. Blowers | FNAL QA/QC6

Vector (cont)As much as we could, we replicated the functionality and flexibility of a paper traveler:31-Mar-2014J. Blowers | FNAL QA/QC7

Vector (cont)Reporting: choose any or all fields of any traveler, and the report is generated and can be saved to Excel:

31-Mar-2014J. Blowers | FNAL QA/QC8

Vector (cont)CERN 11T magnet folks set up an instance of Vector at CERN, and they made a very detailed presentation of the system:


31-Mar-2014J. Blowers | FNAL QA/QC9Cryomodule Fabrication ModelPurchase major components from industry, using detailed specifications and/or drawingsEverything is inspected prior to being released to productionInspection records are maintained for all inspections, including non-conformancesSerialized parts are inspected using a traveler (Vector)Every processing/testing/fabrication process is done according to a traveler, which outlines the steps to follow, the necessary data to record, and sign-offs.All discrepancies are recorded and tracked to closure.

This is all motherhood and apple pie31-Mar-2014J. Blowers | FNAL QA/QC10ChallengesFermilab does not have a robust, user-friendly "cavity database".For ILC-related work, our cavity performance data were being entered into the DESY cavity database.During our cavity R&D efforts (last many years), we have not been very successful in maintaining full traceability from cavity half-cells to the Nb material.We plan to have this fixed for the LCLS-II cavity procurement.Example for CM2: https://vector-offsite.fnal.gov/VectorHardCopy/13335.aspCulture change:Shifting from an R&D mode into a production mode is not trivial.The needed infrastructure is there, but the mental shift to doing some things in a more structured manner will take time and effort.

31-Mar-2014J. Blowers | FNAL QA/QC11First Order ScenarioLike JLab, to first order, our present systems and processes have proven to be effective for cryomodule procurement and fabrication.The path of least resistance would be to leverage the systems/processes in place at each Lab.For Fermilab:Procurement: provide sufficient oversight, tuned to the experience of each supplier, to ensure that we receive what we require, when we need it. Regular monitoring of progress. Most data received unstructured (e.g. PDF), with small subset structured (e.g. spreadsheet template)Inspect what we receiveWhen it comes to SRF, cleanliness is next to godlinessUse Vector for all travelersDeliver hardware and associated records/data to SLACSome small subset of data would be delivered structured, in the same format for both JLab and FermilabWork very closely with JLab to implement a consistent QA/QC cryomodule fabrication framework31-Mar-2014J. Blowers | FNAL QA/QC12Second Order ScenariosIm looking forward to learning from the DESY/XFEL experience, and applying what theyve learned to LCLS-IIMinimum: applying what theyve learned to our processesMore aggressive: stand up the XFEL system, or use DESYs installationVector can be modified (security model) to have suppliers enter data directlyI am open to the possibility of standardizing on a single traveler system (and weve set aside Wednesday to discuss that between the JLab and Fermilab folks)Based on the known challenges, I believe some of our limited resources might be best applied to the issue of not having a robust cavity performance database, and creating one to be used by both Fermilab and JLab.

31-Mar-2014J. Blowers | FNAL QA/QC13ClosingDiscussion

For further information:Jamie Blowersblowers@fnal.govo1: 630-840-4784o2: 630-840-2800c: 630-277-6520

31-Mar-2014J. Blowers | FNAL QA/QC14


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