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Feng Shui

(fung schway, n): The ancient Chinese art of manipulating and arranging your surroundings to attract positive life energy, or chi, so that it flows smoothly - unblocking any obstructions from your body and environment.

Methodology: + History & Terms + Identifying Your Lifes Needs + The Keeping of Your Home + Love, Health, Wealth + Before & After Ideas + The Elements of your Business

+ Feng Shui means wind and water. + Developed from the combination of Geomancy & the I Ching. + Originally used for burial sites & palaces - relying on astrology & later the compass to find relations between humanity and the surrounding universe. + Earliest recorded use: 4,000 BC, when doors of Banpo dwellings were aligned for solar gain, (Yangshao & Hongshan eras). + Introductions in United States circa 1840s gold rush era.

A Brief Historyhow & where did this start?

+ Qi (chi): An energy, life force. Relates to a buildings orientation, age, slope, vegetation, even soil quality. + Polarity: Expressed as Yin and Yang theory. + Bagua (baa gwa): A map in which each square, or Gua, relates to a section of your home and reveals where blessings are being energized, or are dwindling. + Professor Lin Yun: Feng Shui Grand Master who has translated Feng Shui into a westernized, user friendly version.

Notable Terms

who, what, how?

how happy am i?

the bagua home map

+ U or L Shaped Homes: Place a flowerbed, tables, statues, tree, an arbor, or windchimes in the missing corner of your life. If you have a multi-story home, the map overlays each story the same. + General Rules: Close drains, toilets, any openings. Cover trash. Make sure house is physically in good condition. Keep your home clutter free, use mirrors, crystal, and glass to help energy pass in corners.

ground rules.

+ In your bedroom: - Remove mirrors, morose artwork, pictures of family, items under the bed, objects that remind you of work, exercise equipment. - Make your bed accessible from at least two sides to attract a mate. Place your bed where you have a great view, not in line with the door. + In your home: - For security in a relationship, place the back of your sofa away from door. - Place pairs of objects to signify a successful partnership - two cranes, candles, two plants (no spiky plants), or even rubber ducks in the bathroom.

ive got the love-locked blues.

+ Fix Leaky Faucets, close drains, paint bathrooms earth tones. + Help your neighbors. Improve your view of life. + Keep plants, which generate positive energy. The Jade plant is very desirable for its curves. Silk flowers are okay, but dried flowers are least desirable since they have no energy left. + Get a pet if you can, they generate positive life force energy. + Wear green, the color of health. Wear yellow to stimulate your mind, pink to melt away anger, blue to promote tranquility. + In small rooms, add mirrors to feel less cramped. + If you cannot sleep, move your bed away from the direct flow of energy into the room to feel more secure. + Place items that represent longevity in the health area of your home: a crane, elephant, bonsai tree, or other long living item.

i dont feel so good.

+ mirrors, vibrant colors, closed toilet, flowers, clean, matching fixtures, uncluttered room use of green in vase, blue and orange in towels.

+ Keep home very neat, trim vegetation, make sure address is visible from the street. + Plug all drains to keep money from going down the drain. + Keep live plants in the left corner of many rooms; use coin shape leafed plants (African Violets work well). + Move furniture around to change the flow of energy. + Keep stove and burners clean - the Chinese believe this is directly connected to wealth. + Make sure all doors open fully to allow in-flow of wealth. + Waterfalls create cash flow. + To light the path to prosperity, place lights along your walkways. + The color red is an energy activator - use touches to create new flows.

show me the money!

+ neutral walls, inviting lights, organized desk and space, chair and ottoman facing doorway, greenery in left corner, not cluttered, rich earth tones all enhance wealth and security.

+ greenery in left corner, rhythmic placement of photos, sofa against wall facing doors and windows, warm tones, rich materials, balance of two throw pillows, mirror to bounce energy that might be stuck in corner.



The Five ElementsCreative Studios, Restaurants, Cafes, Retail, Sports-related stores and establishments. Construction, Hospitality, Real Estate Development, Agriculture-related stores. Banking/Financial/Accounting, Tech Industry, Government Offices, Architect offices Cleaning Services, Temp/Recruitment Agencies, Healing Businesses, Beauty Industry Day Care/Schools/Universities, Floral Business, Clothing, Travel Agencies, Publishing Industry

why feng shui my business?

where would you keep money?

+ The top three determinants of life path are 1) fate, 2) luck, 3) environment, 4) philanthropy and 5) education and experience. The first powerful level that we really have access to in our lives to influence our future is working with the environment. + Energy exchange is a basic principle of life that can either inspire us or totally overwhelm us. + Paying attention to the details that comprise your life (i.e., your environment) is often the first step toward getting where you want to go. 10. Feng shui doesnt have memory. It tends to be both forgiving, in not being judgemental or remembering the error of your past ways, but also unforgiving, in that it is very literal. Be careful what you ask for, as it is likely you will get it. + Your observations and gut reaction will tell you where to start with your personal feng shui. By re-designing your environment, you can shift the exchange of energy and get your chi moving to create the life you want. Feng shui can help you make and create the changes you want in your life, right now.

why try feng shui?