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Triangular depressed area. Situated in the upper part of the medial aspect of the thigh below the inguinal ligament.

Superiorly: Inguinal Ligament. Laterally: Sartorius muscle. Medially: Adductor Longus muscle.

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Formed from lateral to medial: Iliopsoas muscle. Pectineus muscle. Adductor longus muscle.

Skin. Fascia of the thigh (Fascia lata).

terminal part of femoral nerve and its . branches femoral sheath. femoral artery and its branches. femoral vein and its tributaries. femoral branch of genitofemoral nerve. deep inguinal lymph nodes. lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh.

Downward protrusion into the thigh of the fascial envelope lining the abdominal walls.

Anterior Wall: Fascia Transversalis. Posterior Wall: Fascia Iliaca.

Lateral Compartment: Femoral artery. Intermediate Compartment: Femoral Vein. Medial Compartment: Femoral Canal.

Small medial compartment of femoral sheath. About 0.5 x 1.3 cm long. Upper opening called the Femoral Ring. Closed by femoral septum ( extraperitoneal fat ) Contains : Fatty connective tissue. All efferent lymph vessels from the deep inguinal lymph. One of deep inguinal lymph nodes.

Oval in shape. Diameter: 1.25 cm. Boundaries: Anterior : The inguinal ligament. Posterior : Pectineus & Sup. pubic ramus. Medial : Lacunar ligament. Lateral : femoral vein. Applied: Femoral hernia


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