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Kassia WaggonerRhetorical Listening as a Cross Disciplinary Approach to Feminist Research

bell hooksNo longer is it merely the absence of speaking voices but the absence of hearing ears.

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Men prefer activities to communication.Hegemonic discourseMen: conversations are negotiations in which people try to achieve and maintain the upper hand if they can (25).

Women: conversations are negotiations for closeness in which people try to seek and give confirmation and support, and to reach consensus (25).

Saved by the bell hooks

What is Feminist Listening?Hearing= auditory soundListening=processing information

Ratcliffe defines active listening as listening to understand rather than refute.

Feminist listening is active listening, which empowers both parties during discourse.Listening as a processEmpathyNonverbal and verbal feedbackPatience with the speaker (positive vs. negative interruptions)Open to new and differing viewpoints

Listening as a ProcessDialogic RetentionMemory skillsEngagement (asking questions)Interpreting meta-messages

Listening as a ProcessReciprocityTaking turns Not dominating the conversationImplies listening should be practiced

Love Communication Network

Main PointsListening is a skill set to be mastered.

Listening is equal to or greater than speaking within communication.

Listening has the potential to be empowering for both parties within communication.

Feminist scholars should embrace and reclaim the act of listening as a vital part of discourse.

DiscussionHow might a framework of feminist listening impact or influence your research or pedagogy?