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Fellows 2012


  • The Elon Fellows Programs


    Premier academic & scholarship opportunities for exceptionally motivated students

  • T he Elon Fellows Programs are tailor-made for a student like you. You value mentoring relationships, an expansive global perspective and meaningful service experiences. And you need an academic environment that will keep pace with your work ethic. Youll nd it all (and so much more) at Elon.Maybe youre certain about a major. Or perhaps you want to explore

    several options. The seven Fellows Programs o er outstanding faculty

    support, scholarships, Elon Experiences grants, and peer networks

    that will challenge you to set and achieve your goals.

    The Elon Fellows Programs combine all the elements of an active collegiate

    lifestyle with dynamic curricula that provide opportunities to study

    business in China, publish research in an academic journal, and live and

    learn with students who share your passion for knowledge. Design your

    own major, produce a nightly newscast or present a leadership legacy

    project that will leave your mark on the university long after you graduate.

    Read on to learn more about the bene ts of the Elon Fellows Programs. Discover how Elon can shape the next four years of your life and give

    you a jump on your plans after graduation.

    Prepare to Excel

    The opportunities are here. Its up to you to set the course.

  • The Lumen Prize

    Additional Merit-based Scholarships

    How to Apply

    7 Challenging Programs

    Honors Fellows 4for students in any major*

    Elon College Fellows 6for majors in the arts and humanities, social sciences and mathematical and natural sciences*

    Business Fellows 8for majors in accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, nance, international business, international economics, management and marketing

    Communications Fellows 10for majors in journalism, strategic communications, media arts and entertainment and communication science

    Teaching Fellows 12for majors in education

    Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows 14for students in any major who want to maximize their leadership potential*

    International Fellows 16for international students in any major

    *Students who major in engineering have a speci c three-year curriculum that precludes participation in any of the Fellows Programs. The International Fellows Program is the only exception.

    The Choice is Yours

  • The Fellows Programs are built around both formal and informal learning opportunities. Faculty mentors work with students to develop projects, conduct research and make presentations. Returning students help you adjust to the rigors of the Fellows Programs, and youll quickly befriend

    other Fellows who share your enthusiasm for knowledge. The four years you spend here will be among the most intensive and invigorating of your life. And just wait until you learn what comes next

    The Elon Fellows Programs empower students to think about the impact they could have in their community, country and the world beyond. Whether theyre interning in China, working in Ghana or conducting research on an issue of international importance, Fellows are big-picture thinkers motivated to do good.

    Global Impact

    Videographer, Danish Institute for International


    E L O N R E S E A R C H P R O J E C T

    Abandoning the bomb and embracing the pen: how

    and why ethno-nationalist terrorist organizations

    adopt non-violent tactics

    E L O N R E S E A R C H P R O J E C T

    Outdoor explorations with preschoolers: The role of

    nature experiences in young childrens psychological

    development and environmental awareness

    Fulbright U.S. Student

    Research Grant, Frankfurt, Germany

    Fulbright English

    Teaching Assistantship,


    Fulbright English

    Teaching Assistantship,


    Graduate studies in

    Japanese value diplomacy, Tohoku

    University, Japan

    Housing & Student

    A airs Assistant, Danish Institute

    for Study Abroad

    Graduate studies in reproductive and

    sexual health, London School of Hygiene and

    Tropical Medicine

    Will Anderson, a Communications Fellow, spent a semester living in Villaviciosa de Odn, Spain. While abroad, he visited seven other countries and recorded his travels through photography. Many of the photos in this section are Wills work.

  • E L O N R E S E A R C H P R O J E C T

    Human rights norm change: LGBT rights

    in a wider Europe

    E L O N R E S E A R C H P R O J E C T

    The evolution of Charles de Gaulle as Frances

    wartime leader in Great Britain during World

    War II (19401942)

    Fellows alumni are Fulbright recipients, Ph.D. students, leaders at international nonpro ts, innovators at major corporations and journalists breaking news across the globe.

  • Honors Fellows

    Shanna Van Beek 12Its not every day youre invited to the Pentagon for a panel discussion on Middle East studies and democracy building. Or own to Turkey to present your research. Or nd yourself elding contacts from Department of Defense sta ers for your senior thesis. Its not every day for most people, but Shannas persistence and driving vision turned those occurrences into her Honors Fellows experience.

    The international studies and English double major travels to Bahrain to teach this fall after receiving a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship. She spent a semester teaching in Egypt in fall 2010 and had an insiders perspective of the countrys revolution. That experience inspired her to dedicate her senior thesis to examining the use of language in key Eastern and Western news sources covering the revolution. After returning from Bahrain, Shanna will pursue graduate work in international studies or Arab studies.

    Chris Jarre 11Chris is living and working in the Amazon among the Kichwa people of the Napo province. His research, funded through a Fulbright grant, involves interviewing community elders and documenting cultural narratives.

    These narratives will be written in Kichwa, translated to Spanish and English, and made into two books with the goal of preserving cultural knowledge. This research is an extension of work Chris started at Elon.

  • H ighly motivated students who want to expand their perspectives and challenge their own perceptions nd themselves at home in Elons Honors Fellows Program. Discussion-based classes target critical thinking and writing skills, while strong support from faculty mentors prepares you for the highlight of your academic journey a research project of professional

    quality that culminates in a published volume archived in Elons Belk Library.

    While Youre Here

    Select a country and study abroad for a Winter Term, summer or semester. Elon o ers more than 100 study abroad options. While studying outside of the country, past Fellows pursued thesis projects such as an award-winning documentary on an HIV/AIDS activist in Namibia, media coverage of terrorism in India, the Ancient Maya in Belize and Ecuadors indigenous movement.

    Choose to live in one of two beautiful learning communities reserved for Honors students. Share house dinners with friends and enjoy having a faculty member as your neighbor. Leave campus to hike the Appalachian Trail, ride roller coasters or work in the community garden.

    Spend two years working with a faculty mentor in your major to develop a project that culminates in a published volume archived in Elons Belk Library. You will also have the opportunity to present your work at regional and national conferences. Past Honors theses include the creation of an original musical and a documentary lm to studies of cognitive responses to exercise, vampire literature and residential water use. Successful completion of the Honors thesis has helped past Fellows win national and international scholarships such as Fulbright and Truman awards, obtain signi cant stipends for graduate and professional degrees and launch professional careers.

    As an Honors Fellow, youll enjoy a curriculum designed to challenge your worldview. It all starts in the Honors section of Elon 101,which serves as an introduction to Elon life. As you tread deeper

    into the program, youll take team-taught classes led by professors from di erent disciplines.


    All Honors Fellows receive a 12,000 scholarship renewable annually based on academic performance and program participation. This is in addition to the Presidential Scholarship of 4,500 annually, bringing total scholarship funding to 16,500 each year, or 66,000 over four years. Each student also receives a one-time 1,000 Elon Experiences grant and a one-time 1,000 grant to support thesis research. In each class, one Honors Fellow is selected as the William R. Kenan, Jr. Honors Fellow and receives a full tuition scholarship renewable annually. Honors Fellows who plan to attend medical school may also apply for Jane M. Baird Pre-medical Scholarships that provide an additional 3,000 per year.

    Ready to Apply?

    Students who have taken a demanding high school curriculum, have a GPA of at least 3.9, rank in the top of their class and have a combined critical reading, math and writing SAT total of 1980 (ACT 30) or higher are encouraged to apply.

    Each year, 40 students are selected as Honors Fellows based on their high school records, essays, teacher recommendations and interviews. Honors Fellows may pursue any major o ered at Elon with the exception of engineering.

  • Elon College Fellows

    Josh Goldstein 12The Elon College Fellows Program was integral to my succ