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  • Federal CourthouseChicago, ILLEED Platinum CandidateGroup OneMichael Barr, Alicia Case, & Sara Dewald

  • Project BackgroundLocation: SE Corner of W. Monroe St. & S. Des Plaines, Chicago, ILEx. Cond: Developed with a park (owned by City of Chicago), surface parking lot, and old buildingProposed Building:500,000 ft2 building with 5 stories100,000 ft2 underground parking lot500 parking spaces neededConsiderations:GSA, LEED, and local Chicago sustainability initiativesBuilding security issueslocal weather conditions

  • Project AssumptionsOccupancy: 1500 full time occupants, 4500 daily visitorsProject LEED Focus:SiteEnergyWater

  • Sustainable SitesReducing Heat Island EffectsUnderground parkingEnergy savings$1070/yr +/-Rainwater harvesting900,000+ gal/yr67,250 ft2 green roof$15-20/ft extensive

  • Sustainable SitesReducing Heat Island EffectsPervious paving in plazaSurface infiltration140/hrCentral downtown locationAll modes of transportation available

  • Energy and Atmosphere Demonstrate 35% Energy Performance Improvement 19.0 million kWh 12.4 million kWh $1,166,646 $758,320 Annual Savings $408,326 Demonstrate 1% On-Site Renewable EnergyWind Turbine Wind Sail Concept 10 11 units required Can be outfitted with PV Solar Wind Power Payout (123,713 kWh) $371.13 Purchase Green-e RECs for 100% Energy Consumption $37,114 (9.1% Reduction) for 2-years

  • Energy and Atmosphere Enhanced CommissioningNew Buildings $1.16/sq. ft. to 0.4%600,000 sq. ft. $696,000 to $1.44 million Enhanced Refrigerant ManagementNatural RefrigerantsFire Suppression w/o HCFCs or HalonsMeasurement and VerificationSave up to 10% annually energy costs1-year post-construction occupancyCalibrated Simulation (3-5%)$9 million - $15 million

  • Water EfficiencyConsiderations: Judge Chambers, Juror Areas, Locker Rooms, Urine Testing, & Break Rooms WC, Urinals, Faucets, Shower heads, Kitchen faucets, & Hand dryersWater Reduction Total savings 41.06%Fixtures total
  • Water Cont.Water-efficient LandscapingLIDRain Harvesting: 2 Cisterns, 36.27Native, Tolerant Plants Water InnovationGreywater ReuseSeparation system Multimedia sand filter, Residual disinfection, and Continuous on-line monitoring and controls

  • Conclusion$50K-$100K for 53.6% decrease

    $696,000-$1.44 million for 1x106 kWh/yr savings

    $1-1.3 Million for 912,298.7 gallons

  • Project Scorecard Summary

    CategoryYesMaybeNoSustainable Sites2402Water Efficiency1000Energy and Atmosphere21014Materials and Resources836Indoor Environmental Quality1401Innovation in Design300Regional Priority Credits400Total84323StatusPlatinum

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