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St Marys Church Richmond North Yorkshire


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    Every Friday

    10am-12 noon

    Knit2gether in Greyfriars Restaurant.

    Sun 1st 7-8pm ILLUMINATE at St Marys Church (see page 7)

    Tue 3rd 10.30am After the Cards (at Greyfriars)

    Wed 4th 10.15am Richmond Flower Club, Hudswell Village Hall Club Workshop - "Spring Surprise"

    Mon 16th 2pm Swale WI at The Scout Hut

    Sun 22nd 4pm Fun-Key Church @ St Marys Richmond (refreshments from 3.40pm)

    Tue 24th 2pm Mothers Union AGM at the Rectory

    Wed 25th 7.30pm Hudswell Garden Club - Beginners Guide to Orchids" with Chris Barker

    We aim to show how God through the Church, with its worship, teaching and service is relevant to modern living.

    P1 Calendar and Contents P9 Mousemakes

    P2 Ministry Team P10 Prayer for Tourists, Traidcraft

    P3 Register, After the Cards, Knit2gether, and Car Transport

    P11 Notices, Olivewood, Easy Fundraising

    P4 From Our Curate P12 Richmond C of E Primary

    P5 From Our Curate P13 Fun-Key Church, Mothers Union, Hutchinson Gilling Trust, The StoreHouse

    P6 Prayer Diary February 2015 P14 Book Recommendations, Bible Study, Carols and Barrels

    P7 Whats On February 2015 P15 Services in February across group of churches

    P8 A new bell ringers lament P16 Rotas, 200 Club

    www.richmondhudswellparish.org.uk http://funkeychurchatstmarysrichmond.wordpress.com/

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    Revd John R Chambers The Rectory, Church Wynd 821241 0787 5348245 j_echambers@btinternet.com

    CURATE Revd Antony Kirby 850349 07594615180 antonykirby01@btinternet.com

    HONORARY CLERGY Revd Mark Beresford-Peirse Revd Jennifer Williamson Revd Bill Simms

    READERS Mrs Joy Hornsby 2 Olliver Road 826490 Mr Scott Lunn 2 Hurgill Road 826895 Mrs Joan Plowman 7 White Friars Gardens 822792

    PASTORAL ASSISTANT Mrs Jennifer Patrick 1 Roper Court 850693

    ACORN CHRISTIAN LISTENERS Mrs Jennifer Patrick 850693 Dr Sheila Harrisson 822059 Mrs Ruth Brown 825270


    Mayors Warden Mr David Frankton 8 Alans Court 823531 Rectors Warden Mr Roy Morel 22 Olliver Road 823278 Assistant Warden Mrs Janet Morel Organist & Choir Director Mr Colin Hicks 1 Willow Crescent 821464 Bell Captain Mrs Susan Welch 8 Maple Road 823700 Head Verger Mr Leonard Scrafton 14 Pilmoor Close 824106 Church Booking Secretary and Parish Administrator Claire Murray pa.richmondhudswellparish@gmail.com 07737482611 OFFICERS OF THE PCC AND OTHERS Secretary Mrs Jennifer Patrick 1 Roper Court 850693 Treasurer Rebecca Simpson Flat 2, 4 Hildyard Row, Catterick Garrison, DL9 4DH 07716608948 Assistant Treasurer Claire Murray 07737482611

    FWO Secretaries Mr Don & Mrs Joy Wade 11 Moorside Road 821062 Magazine Editor Gillian Lunn 2 Hurgill Road 826895 Magazine Distribution Gillian Hardy 11 The Green 449850 Magazine Adverts Mr Frank Gibbon 23 Westfields 821002


    Organist Mrs Valerie Strawbridge 15 Boundary Way 821440

    FOR THE PARISH OF ST MICHAEL AND ALL ANGELS, DOWNHOLME Reader Mr George Alderson 68 Brompton Park, B on Swale 818865 Church Warden Mrs Jean Calvert Thorpe Farm, Reeth Road, Richmond 823001 Church Treasurer Mr John Horseman Echlinville, Hudswell, Richmond 826216

    FOR THE PARISH OF ST EDMUNDS, MARSKE Reader Mr David Stoneham Ivy Cottage, Marske 822418 Church Warden Mrs Ruth Tindale Skelton Lodge, Marske 823371 Deputy Warden Mrs Ann Stoneham Ivy Cottage, Marske 822418 Organist Mrs Jennifer Wallis 1 School Terrace, Marske 822930 Treasurer Mrs Elizabeth Withers e.withers30@hotmail.co.uk 825262

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    We have baptised 21st December 2015 Alice Young Sadly we have laid to rest 11th December 2014 Aaron Booth Aged 17 14th December 2014 Shirley Rowena Pleydell Aged 94 19th December 2014 Edna Chapman Aged 88 29th December 2014 Margaret Crinson Aged 89 6th January 2015 Sidney Horace Larder (Sid) Aged 86 6th January 2015 Ronald Percival Sheldon Aged 86 7th January 2015 Dora Stephenson Aged 87 8th January 2015 Marjorie Martha Nicholson Aged 85 10th January 2015 Pamela Ann Mary Layton Aged 69 11th January 2015 John Arthur Lines Aged 94 12th January 2015 Olive Mary Severs Aged 98 12th January 2015 Dorothy Knowles Dixon Aged 85 13th January 2015 Roy Bailey Aged 75

    May they rest in peace and rise in glory

    AFTER THE CARDS AND VISITORS Bereavement is a very difficult time for the spouse/partners left behind. Starting again on their own is even more difficult.

    Carrie and Anne would like to help with the next step by meeting recently bereaved spouses/partners for coffee at Greyfriars on the first Tuesday of the month at 10.30am. Contact Carrie on 850103 for further information.


    AT GREYFRIARS RESTAURANT - A weekly Knitting, Crochet-ing and Hand Sewing group continues to meet in The Restau-rant @ Greyfriars, Flints Terrace, Richmond between 10:00 - 12:00. All will be made very welcome. Bring your own projects and enjoy coffee and a chat whilst making new friends. Please see Claire Murray.


    Transport to and from Church (C), Hospital (H), Shopping (S) Ruth Brown 26 Whitefields Drive C H S 825270 Michael and Margaret Clayson 35 Springfield, Skeeby C H 822631 John Dickinson 5 West End Avenue C H 826803 Joy and Don Hornsby 2 Olliver Road C H 826490 Graham Merlane 1 Gallowfields Road C H S 826109 Rosemary Oliver 3 Stanley Grove C 823081 Edna Roberts 70 Ronaldshay Drive C 822970 Eileen Simms 56 Ronaldshay Drive H S 821511 Anne Simpson 56 Gilling Road C H S 822277 Pamela Wheatley 32 Whitefields Drive C H 822428 Linda Drury 25 Darlington Road H 850243

    More drivers are always welcome and much appreciated so if you wish to volunteer

    for this very important service, contact this magazine on 826895.

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    February 2015 From Our Curate

    One month into 2015 and all is well, but how are you doing with your New

    Year resolutions? Are you on course with all those well meant desires, or

    have they already dwindled into the past and been forgotten?

    As followers of Christ, one of our desires for 2015 should be to strive to

    understand and know God better. To serve the needs of his Kingdom with

    more commitment and to ask ourselves the question, how could I do that


    For Christians, desire can often seem wrong, unless of course our desires

    are seamless and woven into putting God first. The whole of the Bible

    gives evidence of the need to put God at the centre of our lives and at the

    centre of all our relationships. Only with God at the centre will our lives

    interact with Gods Kingdom here on earth as they should.

    The poem adapted from Psalm 42 gives clear evidence that God alone

    should be at the centre of our lives.

    As the deer pants for the water, so my soul longs after you. You

    alone are my hearts desire, and I long to worship you.

    You alone are my strength, my shield. To you alone may my spirit

    yield. You alone are my hearts desire, and I long to worship you.

    I want you more than gold or silver. Only you can satisfy. You alone

    are the real joy giver, and the apple of my eye.

    You alone are my strength, my shield. To you alone may my spirit

    yield. You alone are my hearts desire, and I long to worship you.

    Youre my friend and you are my brother, even though you are a king.

    I love you more than any other, so much more than anything.

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    You alone are my strength, my shield. To you alone may my spirit

    yield. You alone are my hearts desire, and I long to worship you.

    Our God is a God of deep desire who longs for us to return to him. He put

    into our hearts the capacity of desire, the most human of emotions. If we

    reflect back to Christmas we will remember the desires of the children

    longing for that special gift, but the real gift, the only true gift, is the Christ

    Child who comes to us, he alone makes all things new, he alone is the vital

    key to understanding our deep and inner-most needs.

    Many people deny that they have desires, because often their desires are for

    the wrong things in life, like the child awaiting that special gift that turned out

    to be not as desirable as first thought.

    Real desires demand responsibility and are a powerful experience of who

    we are. Our desires shape us and mould us into the people we are. As

    Christians we need to take the time to look at what w