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Monthly magazine of the ICE Club, Estepona, Spain.





    of San Pedro - Estepona - Casares Manilva - Sotogrande & Beyond

    FEBRUARY 2014 Edition www.siberme.com Now on

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    Based near Puerto de la Duquesa

    (Urb la Almadraba)

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    Swedish Massages Waxing Treatments

    Eyebrow and Eyelash Tints

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    Page 25 A Visit To Surprising China Members Article Page 26 St Valentine, Members Article

    Page 28 Bowling Group News + Golf

    Group News + Gardening Group News Page 30 Leisure Page

    Page 32 General Information

    Page 33 Committee and Advert Info

    Page 34 Just for a Smile

    Page 5 Presidents Letter + Welfare Page 6/7 AGM Information

    Page 8 Bulletin Board Lottery Page 9 Computer Tips

    Page 10 Beware of Scams Page 11/12/13 Past Events

    Page 13 Nigels Classified Ads + Welfare Page 14 February Events

    Page 18/19 February Calendar

    Page 23 Events For Your Diary

    President Doug Mitchell Editor Terry Smith Advertising Jackie Simmonds

    Disclaimer: - The committee wishes to declare that ICE does not accept

    responsibility for the contents of articles nor the claims made by advertisers.

    Printed by Digiprint, Avda Litoral, Edificio Visamar, Blq 2 Local 9, 29680 Estepona

    Visit Our New Improved Club Website: www.siberme.com

    Free Wi-Fi for members at the clubhouse. Now upgraded to 8Mb

    The magazine is published on the website on or before the first day of each month.



    Editor Terry Smith

    Phone 951 276 690

    Mobile 677 656 319

    Email: terrysmith@siberme.com

    ICE Magazine Contents

    EDITORIAL: So another year upon us. A pleasant New Year away at Chiclana started off with lovely

    weather and we were able to get out and do some prom walking with of course a compulsory

    bar stop. Unfortunately weather changed after 2 days, got a bit wet and cooler. A number of

    club members were staying at the same hotel so nice to get together at times and have a chat.

    Please keep articles coming for future magazine editions, new contributors always welcome,

    it gets more difficult to to fill the pages with interesting articles. Thanks to all those who con-

    tributed during 2013. Terry Smith

    Input from members for your

    magazine, interesting articles and

    experiences. Important informa-

    tion, funny stories, poetry,

    recipes, restaurant revues, etc.

    These can be emailed to me or left

    at the clubhouse.

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    Estepona Osteopathic Clinic

    PAUL KNIGHT Bsc(Hons) Ost.

    Specialist treatment for

    back, neck and limb injuries,

    children and expectant mothers.

    Mobile: 625 957 673

    1D, First Floor,

    124, Avenida de Espaa,


    Located immediately opposite the

    underground car park entrance,

    facing the sea.

    TELAS & TELAS The perfect place to shop

    for all your Household

    Goods Curtains

    & Materials etc.

    At the corner of

    C/ Sevilla & C/ Lopez de Mena

    behind the Bus Station

    in San Pedro

    Open Monday to Friday

    10.00am to 2-00pm

    Tel: 952 788 117

    A cut


    The Friendly British Hair Salon

    Unisex Peluqueria For Every Day

    & Those Special Occasions

    952 805 485

    Ask For THERESA or SARA

    We are offering a promotion on

    Blow-dries, Shampoo and Sets

    for 12 Euros.

    Monday to Thursday

    OAP days are Monday and Tuesday

    Estepona Port

    Opposite Club Nautico

    All kinds of



    I will do all repairs and alterations

    I make curtains


    Upholstery of terrace furniture

    And even equine or pet accessories

    No job is too large or too small

    Call Heidi on 606-237-757


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    Your club is run by volunteers, without them we cannot

    function. Help is required for the following:

    Bar staff, training will be given, see Mike Whittley, Bar Manager.

    Help required by kitchen teams for preparation and serving to

    members, Thursday mornings, no cooking. See Catering Manager

    Brenda Taylor.

    Meeters and greeters to man the front door for just an hour on a

    Thursday club morning, see Maureen Baldwin-Winckle.

    Scrooge at Christmas I am sorry to say that for the second year someone at the Club's Christmas Lunch stole or borrowed one of the Christmas candle holders. I hope that everyone agrees that the tables always look nice for this event and it's a shame that one (or more) person is spoiling it for the rest. If you have a guilty con-science please return them to the club, leave anywhere and someone will find them. Sue Potter



    PRESIDENTS LETTER - FEBRUARY 2014 The Late New Years Party was a great success, so thanks to all of you who helped with the organisation both in the morning and during the evening. What a fantastic turn-out 100 people enjoyed the American Supper and entertainment! In fact, during the evening, I was approached by several people who asked why we dont do this type of evening more often! By now, most of you will have renewed your membership which I hope you will agree, is 30 Euros well spent. We are approaching the AGM on March 13th and if you have any issues, please submit your proposals. As you all know, the club is run by volunteers and help is always appreciated, so if you feel that you can help, please let me know. Every little helps! Doug

    Checking queues at Gibraltar Border Further to last months magazine article, there is also another handy webcam:-

    www.alcaildesmarina.com/webcam which shows the the marina but also the road

    leading to the snake, so if is really busy you can judge how the traffic is moving.

    Submitted by John Murray

    APPLICATION FOR AN EMERGENCY BUTTON Criteria 80 plus and living alone I made my application through the Geriatric Clinic in Estepona, but I should think any Doctors surgery or medical office would be able to make the application. Age Concern might be able to help. The downside has been a five month wait for the emergency button to be delivered and the box attach-ment fitted to my telephone. There is a 24 hour service for any emergency with an English speaker. The Button is waterproof and is active within a 20 metre radius. It is free of charge. Submitted by Barbara Salisbury

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    POSTAL VOTING The Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday 13th rd March 2014. As agreed previously,

    Members who are unable to attend may vote by Postal Vote. (See below)

    May I draw your attention to Article 8 in the Club Statutes?

    Article 8 Subject to the provisions of Article 9, all resolutions proposed at a General Meeting will be

    approved only if a favorable vote is forthcoming from a majority of the Members present or repre-

    sented. Each Member shall be entitled to one vote only. Any Member unable to attend may personally

    apply to the Secretary for a postal vote for the published agenda. It will be issued specifically for that

    Member. Such postal vote will be valid only and exclusively for the meeting specified to which it relates

    and only for the nominated item or items indicated on the Agenda and verified on the postal voting

    form, which shall be submitted to the Secretary not less than 24 hours prior to the time of first call for

    such meeting. The President may direct that a sealed ballot is taken for the vote on any resolution

    which, in his or her opinion, is likely to be particularly contentious.

    You can apply to the Secretary for a postal vote in person, by letter, by telephone, by e-mail (secretary@siberme.com) or on-line via the club web site, (www.siberme.com) any time from now until

    the Sunday before the meeting (March 9th).** Please apply as early as possible to allow our Secretary time to record your request and obviously if you are applying for a Postal Vote by post and would like to receive your voting papers by post then allow sufficient time. Our Secretarys details are:- Joan Thompson,

    ICE Club Secretary, C/o The ICE Club,

    Urbanization Bahia Dorada,

    Entrance 5, Km. 149, A7, Estepona 29680,