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Loesel Schaaf insurance specialists explain why long-term care planning is one of the most critical needs for business executives and their families.


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    BUSINESSM A G A Z I N EVOLUME XXV, NUMBER 2 FEBRUARY 2012Manufacturer & Business Association



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    Blue Ocean Strategy Center

    FEATURES > 3 / SpotlightCharles Scalise, president and CEO of the Housing and Neighborhood Development Service (HANDS), talks about the history of Eries St. Joseph Apartments as well as the growing needs of the aging population and working family caregivers.

    6 / WaldameerPlanning your next gathering or employee picnic? See whats new for this family friendly amusement park in 2012.

    12 / Long-Term Care InsuranceLoesel Schaaf insurance specialists explain why long-term care planning is one of the most critical needs for business executives and their families.

    27 / Central PA LinkSPECIAL SECTION! Learn about legislative updates as well as new member highlights and upcoming events in the central Pennsylvania region.

    DEPARTMENTS > 4 / Business Buzz18 / HR Connection

    21 / On The Hill22 / HR Q&A28 / People Buzz

    EDITORIAL > 9 / Health Matters Why more employers are turning to health incentive accounts to help their employees and their bottom line.MICHAEL PARKINSON, MD

    11 / Legal BriefThe realities of paying for nursing care: Are you prepared?SHAUN B. ADRIAN

    25 / Blue Ocean StrategyThe more likely change is to occur, the more some individuals will fight it. Discover how tipping point leadership can help you overcome these organizational hurdles.ANGIE ANGUS


    February 2012

    Blue Ocean Strategy Center

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  • SPOTLIGHT > by Karen Torres

    VOL. XXV, NO. 2 FEBRUARY 2012

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    ON THE COVER: Loesel Schaaf Vice President Ed Althof, who oversees the agencys Long-Term Care Education and Planning Program, discusses policy options with Joy and Ross Rectenwald of Rectenwald Architects, Inc. For full-story, see page 12.

    Tell us about the history of St. Joseph Apartments.St. Joseph Apartments is HANDS flagship property located in Eries Frontier neighborhood. The building featuring 202 apartment homes was first built as an orphanage just before the Great Depression in the late 1920s. The need for the orphanage was considerable at the time, but as the economy and society changed after WWII, the need for the orphanage diminished. By the mid-1960s, it was no longer in use. In 1976, HANDS presented an application to HUD for an affordable apartment complex to re-purpose the building. The building was reconditioned stem to stern and a 90-unit addition was begun in 1977. St. Joseph Apartments opened in 1979 with a ribbon-cutting attended by former First Lady Rosalyn Carter. The facility was a model project at the time because it not only provided apartments for seniors, but also many amenities such as an onsite beauty/barber shop, convenience store, arts and crafts studio, and an all-faith chapel to enhance the quality of life of the residents. In 2006, the complex underwent a second major renovation that updated all of the apartments and added a caf and new library area with computers.

    How has St. Joseph Apartments helped fill a void in the Erie community?With more than 200 residences, St. Joseph Apartments is one of the largest independent living facilities in Erie County. Most apartments are rent-subsidized, yet St. Joseph offers an array of resources and services comparable to some higher-end communities that let residents remain independent as they age.

    When is it a good time to sit down with your senior family members and discuss future care and housing options?Start now, and talk often. Find out what your parents or grandparents would like to do when living in their own home becomes too much to manage. Identify what milestones would indicate when its time to get in-home services or to downsize and move to a smaller place. Spend some time discussing where your senior family might want to live. Close to you? Close to their current neighborhood? Close to their place of worship? Moving into a senior living community is a very emotional experience and needs to be carefully addressed.

    Do a little research and find out what services are available in your community. One of the best places to begin with is the Area Agency on Aging. Every county in the United States has one. To find yours, visit www.n4a.org. Erie County residents can take advantage of the Guide to Services offered by the Independent Council on Aging and the online resource directory, ErieSprout.com.

    Talk with your parents or grandparents about living wills and medical power of attorney. The Five Wishes is a popular living will format you can find online and in print versions available at many agencies for seniors. Its a great tool to help families work through some of details. These can be difficult conversations to begin. But reassure your family member these discussions are to outline their wishes for the future.

    What are some ways that employers can assist this growing employee population?Many employers have become accustomed to providing flexibility to employees for younger families who are expecting or are raising children. This same flexibility can be offered to those who are caring for their elderly family members as well. Daily support includes flextime, paid time off, and the ability to take a leave of absence. An additional employee benefit is to identify and locate emotional support and resources such as an employee assistance program that provides a wide array of counseling, information and support to the ever-changing lives of the work force. Additionally, caring for elders requires some form of financial planning by meeting with a financial planner or locating workshops and seminars in the community to learn ab