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<ul><li>Fatima Zahra Essaid </li><li>What is fashion ? Its not easy to answer this question because it means different things to different people. Fashion is an art, a job , a peek into personality , an escape or disguise But ultimately, Fashion is the total outlook of an individual of today and only today . never has and never will French Fashion designer COCO(Gabrielle )Chanel once said: Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only ,Fashion is in the sky , in the street Fashion has to do with ideas the way live what is hapenning. </li><li> Fashion is made to become unfashionabLe. coco Personality begins where comparison ends ( K.Lagerfeld) </li><li>Over the years i have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it Yves Saint Laurent Giorgio Armani The difference between STYLE &amp; FASHION is : QUALITY </li><li>Hubert De Givenchy The dress must follow the body of a woman , not the body following the shape of the dress. Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest. -Christian Dior </li><li>Why we wear this? Fashion is something we deal with it every day,we are constantly being bombarded with new Fashion ideas from music,videos,books,and TV.movies also have a big impact on what people wear for instance : RAY-BAN sold more sunglasses after the movie MEN IN BLACK </li><li>Fashion design Fashion design is the designing and creating of new fashion trends. The more unique your creations, the more successful youll be. Its a glamorous career with a lot of money to be made. Fashion designer can be described as the person who got knowledge and skills in designing clothes using all the materials such as fabrics and designing it in any kind of styles and fashion. </li><li>WHY DOES FASHION CHANGE? Fashion change because people change. We always want something new. Clothing change for practicable reasons, for appropriateness for the season, and for adaptation to environment situation. In some cases the popularity of fashion endure for many seasons because of the combinations of these reasons. </li><li>Where fashion began? France considered the center of fashion for almost 400 years from 1600s into the 1900s. Especially in Paris. In the 1600s, French royalty and wealthy landowners employed their own dressmakers and tailors. </li><li>KINDS OF FASHION Haute Couture - French word meaning high fashion. It means one-of-a-kind. These include designers' original designs. Ready to wear (Prt--Porter) - Term used to describe mass produced garments. These include designers' originals manufactured to a certain number for department stores and offered at lower prices. </li><li> Two main seasons Spring/Summer Fall/Winter Both require a different fashion look and a new range of colors and fabric designs for the time of year. Light weight fabrics in summer Heavier fabrics in winter Color guidelines according to seasons Summer- Think clear, contrast and bold colors. Fall - Think soft, cool, slightly grayed colors. Spring - Think bright, fresh and lively colors. Winter- Think deep, dark and muted colors. </li><li>The plan... Designers work a year in advance In the spring, the studio works for the spring/summer of the following year Once a collection is finished, on to the next! Research Each collection is researched so that all the items in it complement each other, will be in style, and have the particular look for which the company is known for. Predicting Trends A designers most difficult task is forecasting what will be in style for the coming years. To do this, they know the past trends and look at repeats. They also purchase HIGH priced trend magazines. Additionally they observe what succeeded with customers in the past. </li><li>The Collection Theme A designers select a theme that represents their collections. It can be a period in history, a foreign place, a range of colors, a type of fabric Designing After the groundwork is completed for the nature of the collection, the designer must decide how many and what types of garments should be included in the collection. Usually, they have a three month period to design, produce and publicize the collection in time for their fashion show. Press and buyers get their first look at the collection at the show </li><li>Terms that keep designers in business Fashion Fad : is a fashion that stays indefinitely. Classic :. - is a fashion that die quickly and whose greatest appeal is as novelty. Style : A characteristic of dress that exists independent of fashion . Design : Refers to a specific version of a style . Trends : The movement of a fashion into and through the marketplace, How long a fashion remains popular. </li><li>Where is the easiest place to find work in these careers? </li><li>Milan </li><li>Italian Designers Giorgio Armani Alma Couture Filippo Alpi Femme Maria Grazia Amoretti Roberta Badio Baila Maurizio Baldassari Renato Balestra Federico Bano Basile Bensussan Laura Biagiotti Blumarine Chiara Boni Mariella Burano Byblos Cailand Callaghan Armando Calo Capucine Gianna Cassoli Emilio Cavallini Ernestina Cerini Complice Anna e Cristina Costi Raffaella Curiel Dadoscorza by Edward De Carlis Roberta De Castello Dolce &amp; Gabbana Elicolaj Ematite Erreuno Fendi Salvatore Ferragamo Gianfranco Ferre Alberta Ferretti Fiore Floranna Gianluca Gabrielli M. Galante per Circolare Raniero Gattinoni Genny Daniela Gerini Gherardini Istante Juditte Bill Kaiserman Krizia Andre Laug Paola Marzotto Max Mara Anna Mucci Gioia Nordi Tita Rossi Tivioli Mario Valentin Gianni Versace </li><li>Paris Paris </li><li>French Designers Jin Abe Balenciaga Dorothee Bis Cerruti Femme Chanel Chloe Enrico Coveri Christian Dior Louis Feraud Jean-Paul Gaultier Romeo Gigli Givenchy Kenzo Hiroko Koshino Christian Lacroix Karl Lagerfeld Guy Laroche Matsuda Issey Miyake Claude Montana Thierry Mugler Bernard Perris Nina Ricci Sonia Rykiel Yves Saint Laurent Jean-Louis Scherrer Emanuel Ungaro Valentino Kansi Yamamoto Yohji Yamamoto </li><li>LONDON </li><li>London Designers Bodymap Joe Casely-Hayford Caroline Charles Nick Coleman Paul Costelloe Ghost Pam Hogg Betty Jackson Bruce Oldfield Ednia Ronay Vivienne Westwood Workers for Freedom </li><li>New York New York </li><li>New York Designers Geoffrey Beene Bill Blass Oscar De La Renta Tom Ford (Gucci) Halston Carolina Herrera Norma Kamali Donna Karan Calvin Klein Ralph Lauren Mary McFadden Mary Ann Restivo Scassi Pauline Trigere </li><li>TOKYO </li><li>Tokyo Designers Jin Abe Barbara Bui Hiroko Koshino Junko Koshino Issey Miyake Hanae Mori Yuki Torii International Kansai Yamamoto </li><li>Moroccan fashion In Morocco, fashion preserves its traditional style inherited from the various great civilizations that found their way to Northwest Africa. Moroccan design has been recognized for its style and has garnered a reputation, winning awards in international fashion shows throughout Europe . Moroccan tailors often rely on tribal accessories to complete the outfit and bring to it an Old World quality while fusing with New World chic. </li><li>Modeling Model: is a person who is employed to promote, display, or advertise commercial products(notably fashion clothing) or to serve as a visual object for people who are creating works of art . </li><li>Runway a runway or catwalk is a narrow, usually flat platform that runs into an auditorium, used by models to demonstrate clothing and accessories during a fashion show. </li><li>Fashion schools 1. CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS 2. ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART 3. PARSONS, THE NEW SCHOOL FOR DESIGN 4. KINGSTON UNIVERSITY 5. ECOLE DE LA CHAMBRE SYNDICALE 6. LA CAMBRE 7. BUNKA FASHION COLLEGE 8. ANTWERP ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS 9. FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (FIT) 10. ISTITUTO MARANGONI 11. ESMOD 12. LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION 13. SHENKAR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND DESIGN 14. SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN 15. UNIVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER 16. STUDIO BERCOT </li><li>FASHION MAGAZINEES Vogue Dress to kill Elle Harper's Bazaar Fashion Femina Grazia Pinky Ranzuki ..... </li><li>It is a small shopping outlet put by fashion designers to showcase and sell their collections. </li><li>The Main Event Calendar January Italian and French couture collections for spring/summer in Paris and Rome February British, Italian, American and French designer collections shown in London, Bologne, Germany, and Paris IMBEX (International Mens and Boys wear exhibition in London, England) International mens fashion week in Cologne, Germany </li><li> March British, Italian, American and French designer collections for autumn/winter shown in London, Milan, New York and Paris. Munich (Germany) Fashion Fair April Interstoff clothing, textiles trade fair held in Frankfurt, Germany May International designer collections, in Tokyo London mid-season fashion exhibition for autumn June Italian childrens wear collections held in Florence, Italy Portex: Portugese ready-to-wear fashion fari for Spring/Summer in Porto </li><li> July French and Italian couture collections for Autumn/Winter, Paris and Rome Uomo Italia Mens wear shown in Florence August Future Fashions Scandinavia Fair held in Copenhagen, Denmark International mens fashion week and international jeans fair in Cologne, Germany Finnish fashion fair in Helsinki September British, French and American ready-to-wear collections for Spring/Summer shown in London, Paris, New York </li><li>Fashion &amp; media Fashion trends are often sparked by characters on popular TV shows , movies , that we might take ideas inspired from their looks. </li><li>Fashion &amp; celebrities A prime example of a celebrity is Victoria Beckham is a popular face in this domain . Kim Kardashian that wears everytime new expensive clothes. Katy perry:that looks impressive in the stage &amp; in the red carepet. Lady Gaga : with her strange style that can never be imitated . </li><li>Lady Gaga, Lobster Hat Striped Wedge Shoe </li><li>Fashion is a language witch tells a story about the person who wears it . Clothes create a wordless means of communication that we all understand. </li><li>The end </li></ul>