Fashion tips for you that will wow your fashion photographer

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  1. 1. Fashion Tips For You That Will Wow Your Fashion Photographer Fashion is a highly demanding job; everything depends on how good you look because at the end of the day, your assignments depend on how well your portfolio looks. It is all the more important therefore that you do everything possible to get the best portfolio possible for yourself. Here are some tips that are super easy to follow and will surely give you the edge that will get you a good assignment. Stay hydrated You probably have heard it a million times that water is good for your health and looks; water keeps you healthy and keeps your skin glowing with a healthy shine. A few slices of lemon and a spoonful of honey is enough to do really great for your skin. Water will change your life for good, whether you want to meet Top fashion photographers in India for your portfolio, or just stay healthy. If you have red or botchy skin than anti- inflammatory properties in green tea will improve your skin and your overall wellbeing. Eating healthy Supplements are only part of the whole staying healthy game. Without proper food, supplements are just not going to do you any good. Eating healthy is necessary for anybody, not just models. Watching your portions and keeping your sodium intake well regulated is of great importance. Eating food that does you no good should be completely avoided. Play close attention to what you eat and at the end of about a year, or even less, if you are diligent about it, you will see changes that will literarily happening to you in a week or two. Keep your skin exfoliated Dust and dirt is bad for your skin, without exfoliation and over time, your skin will get way too thick for any make up to make it look good. It helps to exfoliate your face and neck as frequently as possible. Carry a moisturizer and a sun screen in your bag at all times Moist skin is great which is why you need to wash your skin and apply a nice layer of moisturizer to keep your skin looking supple and hydrated. And now that the summers are ahead, try not to step out without a sun screen in your bag. Even males should be careful about sun burn, Indian male models portfolio turn out better for guys who dont have burnt skin. Moist skin looks better and any abrasion on the skin repairs faster when it is kept moist. Author Bio:-
  2. 2. Top fashion photographers in India models who take good care of themselves, it makes their job easier. So whether you are planning to break into the modelling zone, these tips will surely help.