FASHION STYLING online course - Study Fashion in Italy ... Styling ONLINE course-  · FASHION STYLING online course Who is a Fashion Stylist? A fashion stylist is an expert in image and style, always aware of trends. Good fashion stylists know how to

Download FASHION STYLING online course - Study Fashion in Italy ...  Styling ONLINE course-  · FASHION STYLING online course Who is a Fashion Stylist? A fashion stylist is an expert in image and style, always aware of trends. Good fashion stylists know how to

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<ul><li><p>FASHION STYLINGonline course</p><p>Who is a Fashion Stylist?A fashion stylist is an expert in image and style, always aware of trends.</p><p>Good fashion stylists know how to accentuate the positive attributes of people they dress, choosing the right outfit to flatter someone, in a way that is appropriate for each event.</p><p>Fashion styling requires extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and a particular skill for matching clients with the clothing that will support the image they want to project.</p><p>Objective of InstructionThis course provides an introduction to the stylist's role in personal and publishing field. It represent the first steps in this popular fashion career path starting from the basis.</p><p>For whom this fashion stylist course can be useful ?For all people who wants to increase the knowledge in the field of fashion, for professional purpose for personal culture.</p><p>To complete the training the ideal way would be to come in Italy to take in the campus the main styling course and the shooting module.</p><p>There are two different way of attending course: a personal way, that involves the ability to choose an outfit style for a specific situation or occasion for a client; an editorial way that provides skills to think the outfit also in relations with magazine, catalogues and lookbooks.</p><p>ProgramThe course includes topics as: the skin colours, the different bodyshapes, how to use the styling for different situations, how translate a runway look into a real life, how dressing different age ranges of women, how get differents mood's style and how stylize a girl's week with a limited number of items. Furthermore, how to build a look like a star and a capsule wardrobe collection till how plan an editorial fashion shooting.</p><p>Program is highly interactive, with work assignments that will help you to develop your visual sense of style and your ability to work with colors and proportions, creating artworks for your portfolio. </p><p>The course requires Photoshop and internet. The student will learn how to use it to mix and match clothing items. He will collect informations through internet, work on it with photoshop to build the layouts.</p><p>Some topicsTheory Exercise</p><p>- Items names - Different shapes</p><p>- Different Shapes - Styling by Situation</p><p>- Colour theory - Runway to Real Way</p><p>- History of some designers</p><p>-How to dress 20's 30's 40's</p><p>-Accessories dictionary - Mood styling</p><p>- Fashion Icons - Stylize a Girl's week</p><p>- Fashion photography - Look like a star</p><p>-Introduction to fabrics - Styling for Shooting</p><p>-Theory skin color I - Capsule wardrobe collection</p><p>-Theory skin color II</p><p> (Go on page 3 to 6 for the complete topics list)</p><p>1</p></li><li><p>Course Learning Outcomes Use of Adobe Photoshop</p><p> Gain knowledge of the past icons and designers </p><p> Gain knowledge of the major photographers</p><p> Understanding which fabrics are more suitable for different figures &amp; items</p><p> Gain knowledge of color theory Recognize names of clothing items and </p><p>accessories Learn the two major methods to </p><p>recognize the skin color Gain Italian way of stylizing fashion Gain ability to communicate new trends </p><p>in a visual way Gain ability to create for your future </p><p>clients the target conscious fashion looks</p><p> Learn how to dress your personal style Gain knowledge to built a shooting </p><p>project During the course the student will </p><p>create artworks which can be used as a Personal Portfolio presentation work.</p><p>Career OutletGenerally Fashion Stylist can work as a freelance for the catwalk's output of different maisons, or for the shooting campaing for a magazine.</p><p>But there are many different arenas in which fashion stylists use their talents: in Creative Work as Stylist or Fashion Designer, in Adviser Work as Personal Shopper or Personal Image Adviser, or in Commercial Area as Fashion Shop Owner, Shop Sales Assistant or Show Room Sales Assistant..</p><p>Level Beginners</p><p>MaterialA new generation of computer - USB Memory stick - Photoshop Internet fast connection web cam.</p><p>Photoshop - it's possible downloading the 30 </p><p>days trial version in the following link :</p><p>or you can rent the use of photoshop for one month.</p><p>Age of studentCourses are open, so everyone can attend our courses. But minors must send parents' permission.</p><p>Available Schedule DurationThe course is available in English.</p><p>Course's certificate The student will receive the Certificate of Study issued by the private school of Milan Fashion Campus after the completion of all the modules A+B+C+D.</p><p>Milan Fashion Campus</p><p>Via Giuseppe Broggi, 7- 20129 Milano Ph. + 39 02.6822730 Fax. 02.700445714 </p><p>E-Mail: info@fashioncampus.itWeb Site: </p><p>2</p><p></p></li><li><p>How it works</p><p>The course is divided into 4 modules.When you download the first module you will take an appointment with the teacher to get the online photoshop lesson. After that you will be able to work on your own way.When all the exercises will be complete you will send them to the teacher and taking an appointment, you will correct them with her.After each module you can buy the following one. At the end of the last module (D) you will have the possibility to do the final tests, the overview for all the excercises done and gain the FINAL CERTIFICATE. </p><p>MODULE A Extra FREE document Included </p><p>3</p></li><li><p> MODULE A</p><p> 1. FASHION PACKAGE 1 - PHOTOGRAPHERS / ICONS MODULE AFASHION PACKAGE 1 - ITEMS NAMES and ACCESSORIES DICTIONARY MODULE A</p><p>FASHION PACKAGE 1 - DISCOVERING SOME DESIGNERS MODULE A</p><p>FASHION PACKAGE 1 - INTRODUCTION TO FABRICS MODULE A</p><p> 2. FASHION PACKAGE 2 - COLOR THEORY MODULE AFASHION PACKAGE 2 SKIN COLOR I MODULE A</p><p> 3. SKIN COLOR II - 4 SEASONS MODULE A 4. TEST - FASHION TEST ENTRANCE MODULE A</p><p> 5. TEST - YES &amp; NO MODULE A 6. TEST - YES &amp; NO answers MODULE A 7. EXERCICE - DIFFERENT SHAPES MODULE A 8. EXERCICE - STYLING BY SITUATION MODULE A9. EXERCICE - RUNWAY TO REAL WAY MODULE AExtra FREE document Included : Recognize the Dress Code Different Shapes of Faces - witch hair cut Eyewear Jewelry </p><p>Which body type ? which Item </p><p>Recognizing the different Fashion styles </p><p>Discovering Fabrics </p><p>100 ways to be elegant </p><p>Fashion Designers history Video &amp; e-book </p><p>Recognizing the Italian Designer </p><p> TAKE AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE PHOTOSHOP LESSON WITH THE TEACHER (BY SKYPE)</p><p>4</p></li><li><p> You will be able to work on your own way.</p><p> SEND THE EXCERCISES DONE TO THE SCHOOL TAKE AN APPOINTMENT </p><p> ONLINE REVIEW WITH THE TEACHER (BY SKYPE)</p><p>MODULE B</p><p> 10. EXERCICE - HOW TO DRESS 20's 30's 40's MODULE B 11. EXERCICE - MOOD STYLING MODULE B</p><p> SEND THE EXCERCISES DONE TO THE SCHOOL TAKE AN APPOINTMENT </p><p> ONLINE REVIEW WITH THE TEACHER (BY SKYPE) </p><p>MODULE C</p><p> 12. EXERCICE - STYLIZE A GIRL'S WEEK MODULE C 13. EXERCICE - LOOK LIKE A STAR MODULE C</p><p>5</p></li><li><p> SEND THE EXCERCISES DONE TO THE SCHOOLTAKE AN APPOINTMENT </p><p> ONLINE REVIEW WITH THE TEACHER (BY SKYPE) </p><p>MODULE D</p><p> 14. EXERCICE - STYLING FOR SHOOTMODULE D</p><p> 15. EXERCICE - CAPSULE WARDROBE COLLECTION MODULE D</p><p> SEND THE EXCERCISES DONE TO THE SCHOOL TAKE AN APPOINTMENT </p><p> ONLINE REVIEW WITH THE TEACHER (BY SKYPE) ONLINE FINAL TESTS </p><p> - GAIN THE FINAL CERTIFICATE !!</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>STYLING ONLINE COURSE DESCRIPTIONExercise NotesPHOTOGRAPHERS/ICONS It is very important to be a stylist know the </p><p>fashion icons from the past and also the best fashion photographers of the moment.</p><p>DISCOVERING ITEMS NAME and ACCESSORIES DICTIONARY</p><p>A package of names of items of coats, jackets, dresses, and accessories.</p><p>DISCOVERING SOME DESIGNERS This is a package of theory to understand which kind of designers has marked history in the past of fashion. All types of stylist must know the classic designers in the past to refer to any references.</p><p>INTRODUCTION TO FABRICS A package as an introduction to know the most important fabrics in fashion.</p><p>COLOR THEORY To understand colour at an theoretical level.Combining colours learning the theoretical reasoning. Why does this colour match with this colour? With the theoretical comprehension behind whether it is for a personal stylist job or the editorial stylist job, they must know how to combine colours well.Which kind of colours give different kind of moods? Red may make you feel sexy, energetic while blue makes you feel calm. Trying to understand the mood expressed each mood.</p><p>THEORY SKIN COLOR I Personal Stylist must know which skin tone matches with which colours. Understanding the characteristics of each skin tone, the students will get to explore the world of warm colours and cool colours.</p><p>THEORY SKIN COLOR II FOUR SEASONS As a Personal Stylist you must know the four season theory to understand which skin tone matches with which colours. It takes inspiration from the colours of the four season.</p><p>EXERCICE DIFFERENT SHAPES In this exercise, whether you would like to be a personal stylist or an editorial stylist, you always must know which kind of outfits make the body look different. Go through the different shapes and the solutions for them to give a clear understanding which kind of items does what kind of effects. Tell a student to look through their facebook account and choose a friend (not so perfect body) and do an analysis (which you will print </p><p>7</p></li><li><p>out for her) Depending on the student and the friend that they chose, go through each celebrity, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Michelle Williams, Rachel Bilson and stylize an outfit with a description why they chose the outfits.</p><p>EXERCICE STYLING BY SITUATION Styling by situation exercise, allows the student to think which kind of outfits match depending on the location or the situation they are in. First the student must choose a muse and fill out the identiKit give the name, theme, mood, status, age and lifestyle of their muse. Whether they need to get ready for a lunch date or a luxury resort they must follow the personality of the muse. When a personal stylist must choose an outfit for a certain occasion for the client.When a editorial stylist must choose an outfit depending on the location.</p><p>EXERCICE RUNWAY TO REAL WAY They must be able to sell items that may be extravagant looking in the runway but be able to sell it to the market. They must be able to choose a extravagant piece off the runway and suit it for the muse or the star as a personal stylist making it wearable without having it too much.They must be able to make an extravangant piece sellable on a magazine photoshoot to make it easier for the customers to buy or invest the item.</p><p>EXERCICE HOW TO DRESS 20's 30's 40's Learn how to adapt a single trend to suit fashionistas of all ages, proving that fashion is truly for everyone!</p><p>EXERCICE MOOD STYLING A fashion stylist have to be able to stylize a look following different style mood.</p><p>EXERCICE STYLIZE A GIRL'S WEEK More for personal stylist. If a client must go on a business trip you must choose certain amount of items to bring with them and must think about each outfit depending on the theme of the day. </p><p>As for editorial stylist, it is nice to introduce this exercise with being able to use same outfit in many different ways depending on each theme.</p><p>EXERCICE LOOK LIKE A STAR As a stylist, you will always have to work with budget of the client. This will allow the student </p><p>8</p></li><li><p>to stylize a client look by copying a star look but with an affordable price.</p><p>EXERCICE STYLING FOR SHOOT For editorial stylist. They must choose model, location, theme, poses, make up, hair in order to make a complete shooting. They must be able to tell the idea of the shooting to a thrid person with the right idea. </p><p>EXERCICE CAPSULE WARDROBE COLLECTION To be able to assess the key items for an individual's wardrobe, to reduce down to the basics and find the items that you can add and change to make the look more trendy.</p></li></ul>