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fashion show interior design


  • Story behind my idea

    Play time with bubbles

    With all the research I have done and the understand that I

    have of architects and how the work, is that the space

    doesn'tt need to be grown up and professional it can still be fun, playful; functional.

    I have chosen to design a Designer fashion shop. I want to

    reinvent the boring shopping experience and make it

    something that the whole family enjoys. Something that

    would be just as fun and exciting as play time.

    When I was growing up the most fun I had was with balls,

    balloons and bubbles. That why I want to convert those

    childhood memories into a unforgettable shopping

    experience for one of the best known fashion designers

    Alexander McQueen.

    This should would represent the uniqueness of Alexander

    McQueens work. It would be just as unusual as his fashion designs that have made a huge impact to the way that

    fashion is seen and to the way that designers are going out

    of the box with their designs. The interior space would

    match the unique outfits.


    It is known that most high end fashion

    shops are located in central London in

    places such as Oxford street, Regent

    street, Westfield London and much more.

    it has been established that if the shop

    looks out of the ordinary and unique

    people are more likely to go into them and

    browse and spend more there, they are

    then more likely to tell their friends and


    After considering the perfect location for

    my Alexander McQueen shop is Oxford

    street, due to being the most visited and

    most liked place to shop.

  • Alexander McQueen

    Alexander McQueens work is very unique and over the

    top with bold and out of the

    ordinary designs.

    The most famous designs

    that he has designed are all

    influenced by the natural

    accruing things such as

    wildlife and flowers and

    also the naturally accruing

    shapes in the wild.

  • High end shops around London all have a very

    different feel and layout. Some are very plain and

    some are really over the top with detail. However all

    the shops have something that catches the shoppers

    eyes and makes it stand out.

  • Eden Project

    The Eden project was inspired by J.

    Baldwin's Pillow Dome . Its located St

    Blazey , Cornwall

    The domes are multiple greenhouses,

    they are constructed from steel frames

    and Thermoplastic.

    The architect Nicholas Grimshaw had

    designed each pot to have its own

    heating system so that each dome could

    represent a different environment that is

    needed for the plants.

  • Pillow Dome

    J. Baldwin is an American industrial designer and

    writer. Baldwin was a student of Buckminster Fuller ,

    his work has been inspired by Fullers principles . Baldwin is noted inventor of the geodesic "pillow


  • Buckminster Fuller

    He has written and published numerous books and he has

    developed inventions, mainly architectural designs, the

    best known of which is the geodesic dome.

    These geodesic domes are spherical or partially spherical

    shell structures based on a network of great circles on the

    surface of the dome.

    These domes have created challenges on how to make

    them air tight and rust proof. It took some time to get

    these right but the architects and designers have

    succeeded in making the perfect domes to house all sorts

    of tropical plants and keep the environment as the plants

    like it with minimal effort these domes are called the Eden


  • These are drawings/ sketches of

    hat I was inspired by after doing

    my research into different

    architects and buildings. I have

    taken parts of the already

    existing designs and made them

    into something that would go

    with what I would like to do and

    my brief.

  • These two designs have been created to combine nature and

    buildings in some cases skyscrapers together. These are all

    futuristic designs that can be build on land and in water. The

    designs look like grape like structures or bubbles. These bubbles

    also look playful and colourful,

  • When I looked at the designs for the structures that

    had nature in them I noticed that the structures

    skeleton wasnt hidden. This has inspired me to do a similar design of spheres with the structures skeleton

    not hidden to add effect and character to the building.

  • I have looked at bubbles and how

    the link together to form a structure.

    I then have drawn my own bubble

    like structure with interlocking pods.

    These pods could become individual

    mini environments that could sustain

    different animals plants, fruits or

    vegetables. They could also be for

    different categories of objects.

  • Model one this is a model of what could be a

    shelter or it could have glass

    windows making it a unique

    shopping space. I have been

    inspired by architects who dont hide the skeleton of the building . I think

    that the skeleton and the structure

    adds to the character of the building

    therefore I want my model to

    concentrate of the structure and

    how it adds to the building

  • These are sketches of what I think the

    model would look as a drawing and

    simplified. I have only taken the most

    important pats of the model

    I like the roof structure but I dont like the scrunched up balls because they look

    messy and it wouldnt look very attractive.I will be taking the roof structure and

    develop it further.

  • These are models that I have done of an inside of a

    shop. I have been inspired by the skeleton structure of

    the geodesic dome, this is the development of the roof

    structure from the previous model.

    I was inspired by the model that I made using

    scrunched up paper and card. I have developed the

    previous model into a roof structure the curves into a

    point at one end ,

  • Modern and unique design it

    brings a nice contemporary


    All of these rubber balls and rubber band balls

    associate with childhood. The children use to try

    and bounce the rubber bouncy balls as high as they

    can go, they also come in a variety of different

    colors and images on them, I think this would be

    great for the circular objects in y shop to have

    different colors and graphics on them. It would

    bring an element of fun into the boring and tiring

    shopping experience

  • This is a model that I have been inspired to make after looking at

    the molecular structure of a vitamin. This could be a main feature

    in a shop or a staircase. I have decided to do a spherical model

    because I think that simple is more effective and it can be

    cooperated into the surroundings better than a straight line


  • This is what I have designed as an individual structure that would

    go in the shops as storage and . I think that this would work well if

    it was made in different sizes and colours. It would be like

    bunches of balloons grouped together to create a sculpture that

    could be used for displaying the clothes that the shop sells

  • I have been inspired by the structure of the DNA strand to

    draw a staircase the is free flawing and wouldn't distract

    the costumers from the rest of the shop but just add to

    the experience .

    These staircases look similar to the DNA structure, I

    would like to have a similar staircase but on a bigger and

    grander scale.

  • I have looked at water balloons and normal balloons and I got

    an idea of having individual pods suspended from the ceiling,

    the pods would have a hollow inside and thats where all the clothes would be. The pods would also be different colors and

    sizes to add playful feel to the shop.

  • I have done a model to represent

    bunches of balloons after I

    researched them. I think that the

    model works well but it would be

    too bit to go into the shop and it

    wouldnt have the same affect as

    loads off smaller spherical


  • Steven Ma is an architect that specializes in 3D

    designs. This work is for an exhibition that was

    held in Hong Kong in 2010. in his designs the

    materials that he shows are like bubbles which

    also links into my work.

    My work links to Mas work in a way that he uses simple clean lines and he likes to design easy

    flowing spaces and sue curved lines.

    I think that this approach would suit a modern

    21st century new and exciting shop.

  • Ec-O_Bench infuses nature into pedestrian traffic zones by

    creating a self-sustaining eco-system that envelopes sitters

    in living and growing plant-life. ec-O_Bench collects and

    filters rainwater and harnesses sunlight using thin-film


    This design is a similar design of what I am trying to

    achieve. Steven Ma has design an eco friendly bench, I

    would like have the same idea of making my shop more eco

    friendly. I also like the futuristic but simple design that I think

    would go well in my shop.

  • This is a trail model for what I would like my interior