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Fashion Retail Shop Software


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In the world of custom fashion, there is a lot more to a product than its color, size or design. Customization industry needs a transparent and modular lifecycle management of products from end to end while keeping your promise of quality and service to the client. So if you make customized garments, shoes, hats or any such stuff -TailorPad is the most trusted and feature rich ERP software you can find. All In OneCRM, Sales POS, Cashier, Production, Logistics, PurchaseInventory, Human Resource, Accounts and many more


Does TailorPad work on tablets and phone?

Certainly. With responsive design and multiple browser compatibility, it can be accessed from any iOS, Android or Windows device.


With scalable cloud technology, you get the freedom from maintainingexpensive infrastructure. It is designed to perform with just a login and with responsive architecture, TailorPad can be accessed from any phone, tablet or pc using all modern browsers.


We built TailorPad with ease of implementation in mind. You can start using itwithin 5 minutes with the help of setup wizard. You can import all yourexisting customer, inventory, financial data using import tool. All the relevant controls and field level tips are on board.

SECURITYYour data is as important for us as it is for you. We have followed industry standardsecurity protocols to keep your data safe and secure. The ownership of your datalies with you and you only. Basic security features like encrypted (https) sign-in,encrypted passwords, encrypted database names are in place.

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