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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 Fashion Photography - Concept</p><p> 1/3</p><p>UNIT TITLE: Fashion Photography: Concept</p><p>CREDIT POINTS: 20 UNIT CODE: FAD148</p><p>FHEQ LEVEL: 5 DELIVERING FACULTY: Technology</p><p>School: Design</p><p>Date validated: April 2004 Date last modified: N/A</p><p>Unit delivery model: PC Max &amp; Min Student No.: N/A</p><p>TOTAL STUDENT WORKLOAD</p><p>Students are required to attend and participate in all the formal timetabled sessions forthe unit. Students are also expected to manage their directed learning and independent</p><p>study in support of the unit.</p><p>Where normal timetabled sessions do not take place, additional directed learning may beprovided, and/or students are expected to undertake additional independent learning.</p><p>PREREQUISITES AND CO-REQUISITES</p><p>None</p><p>UNIT DESCRIPTION</p><p>Students will embark on an in-depth visual reportage report based on current fashion</p><p>themes and trends. Conceptual ideas and original thought process will be explained andencouraged.</p><p>The investigation into the use of digital media within a commercial context, and its uses inthe different fashion market levels and segmentation will be explored.</p><p>The project outcome will demonstrate an understanding of markets, concept originationand application of practical skills.</p><p>LEARNING OUTCOMES</p><p>On successful completion of the unit, students should be able to:</p><p>Knowledge and Understanding1 Research and acknowledge current and future trends / themes within the fashion</p><p>industry appropriate to market levels.</p><p>Cognitive Skills2 Analyse and evaluate research taken from a number of different sources, subject</p><p>areas and fashion products.</p><p>Practical and Professional Skills3 Prepare and develop concept fashion ideas utilising both practical photography and</p><p>graphic presentation skills.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Fashion Photography - Concept</p><p> 2/3</p><p>Transferable and Key Skills4 Effectively work to a given problem, independently and / or as part of a team.</p><p>AREAS OF STUDY</p><p>Planning and organisation of a personal work plan.Review of contemporary Fashion Promotion magazine context.Lifestyle representation Fashion, Interiors and Product DesignAdvanced photographic and IT skills.Work experience-personal directive.Innovation and experimentation within a commercial context.Advance presentation skills both in the visual and verbal area.</p><p>LEARNING AND TEACHING STRATEGY</p><p>Learning will take place in the form of lectures, workshops, seminars and studio basedstudies.</p><p>Individual research undertaken by students will form some of the exemplary work to bediscussed within the seminars.</p><p>Seminars will provide work in progress discussion points and assist in the development ofverbal presentation skills, dissemination of information and good practice.</p><p>The production and presentation of individual sketchbook/workbooks will demonstrate thedevelopment of ideas which will contribute to the final design outcome.</p><p>Time management and professional practice will be encouraged to aid the successfulcompletion of this unit.</p><p>Also, an element of peer review will be undertaken to provide the opportunity ofdemonstrating professionalism and verbal presentation skills to a given audience.</p><p>ASSESSMENT STRATEGY</p><p>A typical project will be for students to produce their own individual visual report oncurrent fashion themes and trends. This will develop skills in research and collation offashion information, presentation and graphic layout. Importance will be placed on thecontemporary context of the typographic style, image and art direction in the report.</p><p>Peer Assessment and formative feedback will be given at staged intervals throughout theunit.</p><p>Individual presentations will expose student achievement, understanding and allowformative feedback from both peer and tutor audiences.</p><p>The accumulation of individual and group exercises will provide the student with theknowledge and experience to present professionally at the final critique.</p><p>ASSESSMENTAE1 weighting: 100%</p><p>assessment type: Project</p><p>length/duration:</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Fashion Photography - Concept</p><p> 3/3</p><p>Aggregation and Re-assessment RulesNo departure from standard University regulations.</p><p>INDICATIVE READING</p><p>Bavister, Steve, 2001. Lighting For Glamour. Silver Pixel Press</p><p>Goude, j.p. &amp; Mauries, P., 2005. So Far So Goude. Thames and Hudson</p><p>Weber, B., 2006. Blood, Sweat And Tears, Or How I Stopped Worrying And Learned ToLove Fashion. Dusseldorf: Te Neues</p><p>Trynka, P., Marsh, G., 2005. Denim: A Visual History Of The Worlds Most LegendaryFabric. Second Revised Edition, Aurum Press Ltd</p><p>Jones, J., 2006. Fashion Trends: How Popular Style Is Shaped, Jen Jones, Capstone Press</p><p>Godfrey, J., 2006. The Best Of Brochure Design No. 9. Rockport Publishers Inc</p><p>Bausky, A., 2006. Wall And Piece. Century Books</p><p>JournalsWallpaperTankDazed and ConfusedAnother MagazineNylon</p><p>Websites</p><p></p><p>Unit Author: Stephanie Bull/Carl BaybutUpdated January 2008</p></li></ul>