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Presentation I created and delivered to the 2010 FOCUS Trend Spotting Luncheon. Useful for those interested in where trends in the fashion industry today originate and how they catch on...


<ul><li> 1. TREND Spotting Great Ideas Building a Viable Product Line Current Trends Color &amp; Style for New Lines<br />Brian Hawkins<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. TREND SPOTTING That Was Then<br /> 3. TREND SPOTTING This is Now<br /> 4. TREND SPOTTING This is Now<br /> 5. Nostalgia: Comfort from Bygone Eras<br />Renaissance Retro: (Franck Sorbier)<br />Baroque Back to the Future: (Acrila Furnishings) <br /> 6. Popular Culture:Wall Art to Street Smart <br />Street Art: (Adidas Momo Y-3)<br />Musical Moods Inspire: (Mark Ecko) <br /> 7. Rough &amp; Ready: Retro Beats Metro<br />Apres Ski Style to Boot: (f-troupe)<br />From Foreign Legion to Urban Region: (Paladium)<br /> 8. New Elegance: Return of the Classics<br />Roman Sculpture: (Lanvin, AlberElbaz) <br />Greek Goddess: <br /> 9. Military Mania: The March Continues<br />La Guerre is de Rigeur: (Balmain, Christophe Decarnin) <br /> 10. Once You KnowWhat Next<br />Know Before You Go: Create a Business Plan<br />Start with the Consumer Whats their Pain? (Needs &amp; Wants)<br />Is there Space in the Marketplace? <br />Great Plans Lead to Investment &amp; Success<br />Network &amp; Build Your Follower Base <br />Listen! Learn! Then Lead! <br /></p>