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24 Seven Inc is the premier global fashion recruitment agency, supporting the world's top teams in the fashion industry. For more info visit us at


  • 1. FASHIONOur roots are in the fashion industry. We have emerged as the premier global fashion job recruitment agency, supporting the entireproduct lifecycle. We cover creative and technical design, product development, production, merchandising and sales plus all theroles in between. From entry level to executive management in accessories, apparel and home furnishings, no one has a moreextensive network of talent or greater access to jobs in fashion. FASHION ROLES Accessories Design E-commerce Packaging Design Showroom Management Account Management Footwear Design Patternmaking Social Media Administrative Graphic Design PDM/PLM Soft Goods Design Apparel Design Hard Goods Design Planning Store Design Brand/Product Human Resources Product Development Tabletop Design Management Illustration Product Management Technical Design Buying Industrial Design Production & Sourcing Textile Design CAD Licensing Project Management Visual Merchandising Design Marketing Management Public Relations Web Design Creative Direction Merchandising Retail Management Customer Service Outerwear Design SalesCONTACT US TO CONNECT WITH NO RTH A MER IC A E UROPE N EW Y OR K L OS AN GEL ES C HIC AGO S AN TA MON IC A MIA MI TORONT OGAME-CHANGING TALENT TODAY A SIA S AN F R AN C IS C O OR AN GE C OUN TY L ONDONNORT H A M E R I C A S EATTL E P HIL ADEL P HIA PARI SE URO PE & A S I A P OR TL AN D ATL AN TA24 Seven is a Womens Business Enterprise (


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