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  1. 1. (732)-996-3224 Welcome To Creative Jobs Central Creative Careers & Job Opportunities Get Instant Access to Unlimited creative job listings and newsletter today !!!
  2. 2. About US : We provide thousands of jobseekers the opportunity to find their dream job and give employers access to some of the highest qualified and targeted candidates available. The biggest problem in the job market is that jobseekers do not have connections to the jobs that they are looking for. They also do not hear back from companies nor get feedback. We hope to help jobseekers with these concerns and bridge the employers and jobseekers. We proudly offer over 40 different industry specific sites, each with their own dedicated job database. Customers can even target their search to specific geographic regions through our region specific sites. Contact Number (732)-996-3224
  3. 3. Our Job Industries : Fashion Jobs Event jobs Interior design Jobs Photography jobs Music Jobs Modeling Jobs Make-Up jobs Advertising jobs Architecture jobs Gaming Jobs Contact Number (732)-996-3224
  4. 4. / Contact Number (732)-996-3224 Fashion Jobs Creative Jobs Central provides thousands of students and graduates access to great opportunities to find their dream jobs in fashion. You also need to understand the ever changing market tread and to wait for the right job and when you get one then how to grab it.
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  8. 8. Contact US Address: Live Enterprises Corp 222 East 34th Street Suite 1205 New York NY 10016 Phone: (732)-996-3224 Email: Info@creativejobscentral.comWebsite Contact Number (732)-996-3224
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