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Fashion Forward is a new magazine project meant to showcase the work of talented, yet lesser known fashion photographers and other industry creatives (designers, stylists, etc.)


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  • ContentsEditors Note: p.7

    Interview with Cassie Rae: p.8Photographer Feature: p.10

    Fashion: p.12Beauty: p.46

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  • Cover Image:Photography, MUA, Styling: NoreeModel: Emilie Louisa Hayman

    Fashion Forward - Issue 2 (2012)

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  • E!tors Note With the caprices of spring in full manifestation, here, at Fashion Forward, we have set on the journey of bringing you more quality fashion photography. As always, we are on the lookout for talented artists that have been undervalued.

    It is only our second issue, yet we have seen a growth from our last one. We appreciate our every single reader and believe strongly that it is thanks to you that we can continue our search for art that we may then show you.

    And before I go completely o-track, allow me to wish you a happy and fulfilling spring. It may be sunny today and rainy tomorrow, but if you listen carefully, even in the rain there will be one bird singing. And after all, we are yet to grow bored of our pretty trench coats!

    Noree - Editor in Chief7

  • Interview with Cassie Rae

    Tell us a bit about yourself? Why do you want to be a model?

    Im a 20 year old animation student from Saffron Walden, Essex. Ive always been an artistic person, and modelling came as a huge interest to me years ago but Id always been too insecure from snide remarks to do it until a year ago. Modelling revived me, gave me new goals and set my heart on fire again, I want to be a model to prove something to myself.

    What are your opinions on modelling?

    Its a harsh industry, especially alongside so many other incredible models with some striking looks. But its diverse, thats the beauty of it. What might suit one shoot with one model might not another and it really brings out so much, in so many varieties of people.

    Who are your inspirations?

    Bob Carlos Clarke was the first photographer to make my heart stop, shortlyfollowing Mario Testino and Camila Akrans. Coming into the industry though I am constantly inspired by Taheed Khan, Glenn Richardson, Catherine Day, Karl Baxter, Ed Godden and Karla Powell.

    Whats your favourite part of modelling?

    I LOVE setting up my own shoots, although its super difficult sometimes. I love committing myself to an idea and sourcing designers, MUA, Hair stylists, just branching out with people. Although I do love when someone I admire agrees to work with me, I get so excited, I feel such a sense of achievement.

    Whats the most important part of modelling?

    Definitely personality and versatility. Being able to move from pose to pose as well as create a rapport with people whom your working with. There is nothing better than enjoying something creative with a good team of artists.


  • How do you prepare for a modelling shoot?

    I indulge in a long facial the night before, sugar on my lips, LUSH facepack, bubbles and lots of smellies and a bloody good shave! Nobody wants stubble to edit out

    Finally, What are your aspirations for this year?

    Id love to get agency signed finally, and forward my personal ideas towardspublication! Wish me luck !


    Cassie Rae photographed by Adam Robertson Photography

  • Photographer Feature:JP Caldeano

    JP Caldeano was born in 1983 in Portugal. Always interested in colours and arts. Having a passion for music, he finished his college and went to do a degree in Sound and Image at ESAD (Superior School of Art and Design). Soon started working as a freelancer in theatres setting up lighting for shows and operation sound and light on the backstage. Worked as a sound engineering for bands and lighting technician for various theatre shows, he decided to try photography as a hobby which soon made him move to London to work as a cinematographer.

    Today he works as a crew support technician for one of the most prestigious film companies in the world (ARRI), supporting films like Quantum of Solace, In betweeners, Casino Royal, Bourne Ultimatum, Quantum of Solace, Johnny English, Game of Thrones, W.E., Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Hysteria, Luther (series), Law and Order (series) and many others.


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    WorkingGirlPho t o g r a ph y , S t y l i n g : No r e eMod e l : Ab i g a i l F i t z g e r a l dMUA : Ab i g a i l J a d e

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    Like A Fea"er In #e Wind

    Photography, Styling: Jessica BrownModel: Anna Sichova

    MUA: Josie Scott

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    Photographer: RavenBlakh PhotographyModel: Liv HMUA: Tamara Tott ( Linnea Norndberg


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    SimplicityPhotographer: Ayad Al-Adnani

    Model: Samantha Louise Hicks @BMAWardrobe: Annalise Edmonds

    MUA: Josephine LeeAssistant: Palle Hansen

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    DaniPhotographer: Agata Preyss Model: Dani BabychamMake Up Artist: Anna Wagner

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    Photographer: Glenn RichardsonModel: Cassie Rae MUA: Natalie BennettStylist: Rebecca BradleyDesigner: Fraulein Kink

    Pleasure Is My Sin

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    Photography and post-processing: Elina LukasClothes: Sarmite OstanevicaMake up: Natasha WilliamsHair styling: Jacquie EichbaumModels: Roanna Dunsford and Coco Tray

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    Photo: Sorin PopaMake-up : Kiaari AndreeaStyling/Headress/Flowers: Adriana Delia BararModels:Lisa TipriganOana CincaEma

    Feninam Alter Ego

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  • Men


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    The NaturePhotographer: ArriisModel: Daniel Pasquali

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