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Fashion Forward is a new magazine project meant to showcase the work of talented, yet lesser known fashion photographers and other industry creatives (designers, stylists, etc.)


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  • ContentsEditors Note: p.5

    Why Do You Love Fashion Photography: p.6Fashion: p.9Beauty: p.21

    Men: p.29We Love: p.42


  • Cover Image:Photography, MUA: NoreeModel: Emilie Louisa Hayman

    Fashion Forward - Issue 1 (2011)

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  • E!tors Note There are many talented photographers in all fields and its hard to keep an eye out for them all. Fashion Forward sets itself the task to bring some of the fashion photographers into the spotlight! Great fashion imagery comes not only from the established photographers, but also from students and enthusiasts, little gems lost in the mass of digital information on and o line.

    It may be hard to explain the attraction we get towards sumptuous imagery or our wish to obtain a plastic perfection, but we mustn't get lost in too much analysis, yet rather remember to give credit to the minds who created the photographs, the storytellers of our quirkiest and most hidden desirers, the same people who can be harsh critics of this society when it steps out of line.

    We hope youll enjoy this first issue and, if time should allow you, check out the photographers complete work.

    Noree - Editor in Chief5

  • Why Do Y" Love Fa#ion Photography?Moritz Stragholz - www.mostphotography.comI have been always interested in photography, however it all started with landscape and urban landscape photography. In 2008 a friend asked me to take pictures for her and thats how it all started... I still love to use the urban landscape though for a lot of my fashion work. On location I love to work with the models and trying to get them to fit into the environment. Also I love to play around with lights, creating often a more surreal image. I do as well a lot of action shots where I love to freeze the movement of the model and/ or sports person with the use of lighting often using various flashes to get the mood and look I want. Also I love to walk around with my iphone and take shots of the surrounding, often more abstract shots which I then show on my blog.

    Natalia Salminen - www.nataliasalminen.comFor me fashion photography is an art form, a way to express ones creativity, it is this element that appeals to me the most. I began photography about 5 years ago during my art foundation year, I then went on to study it at university and I have always leaned towards the fashion side of things. I got inspired by looking at fashion magazines and admiring the work of others. I was amazed by the power the images had over me and wanted to create images that made others feel the same way. My main inspiration is the fashion photographer Tim Walker, I went to see his exhibition at the


  • design museum in 2008 and it was that moment when I knew I wanted to pursue this as a career. I love the way that fashion photography has a way of drawing you in and transporting you into another world. I also enjoy working in a team and meeting other creative people.

    Ryan Bater - am a 17 year old self-taught aspiring Fashion Photographer, from South Wales, United Kingdom. I started fashion photography when I was 16 years of age. I have worked very hard to get to the stage I am now, and I only hope to improve further. I have been published in many magazines, newspapers, and art galleries, over the past year. I am currently studying in the first year of College, but am hoping to relocate to do my work at a much higher level of profession.

    Shelley Jones - http://www.milkandblue.comI first realised my love for fashion photography through doing photoshoots with a friend. As I was starting to take photography more seriously I purchased a dSLR which then allowed me to progress further into fashion photography and fashion films whilst being more creative. I love being able to create a mood with my photos, whether it's dark, nostalgic or whimsical. The avant-garde side of fashion photography appeals more to me as I love being able to include props and locations in my shoots, as apposed to shooting in a studio.


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    Knit MixPhotographer: Moritz StagholzStylist: Alice Dogliotti & Anastasia PelvitskayaMUA: Alyson Taylor & Janine RiedlHair: Lewis PallettModels: Ariana Diamantopoulos & Janine Riedl

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  • Going Graphic

    Photographer: Natalia SalminenHair & MUA: Louise GoodsonStylist: Morgane de la Grange

    Model: Alice French @ Cosmic Models


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    Necklace: WarehouseRed and white top: H and MBlack and white skirt: H and M

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    Stripy dress : H and MNecklace: TopshopGloves: Zara

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    Stripy hat: Next Pink spotted top: Dorothy PerkinsSpotted trousers: River IslandBlack bra top: TopshopShoes: Zara

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    Stripped playsuit: H and MBracelet: WarehouseShoes: Zara

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    Graphic print dress: Dorothy Perkins

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    Time Unwinding

    Photography, Styling, MUA, Hair: NoreeModel: Heidi Davies

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    The Circus-Man

    Photography: Shelley JonesModel: Ryan Thomas Bennett

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    We LoveV Magazine

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