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2. COMPANY PROFILE COMPANY PROFILE Fama Spa is an Italian company operating since 1988 in design, certification, manufacture of products for precast lining of tunnels. Fama Spa is specialized in the development of sealing systems and a wide range of accessories for the connection, lifting and anchoring systems for the construction of tunnels with TBM. Fama Spa has an established collaboration with the most important centers of technology and university. With the use of FEA simulation software MSc Marc, Fama Spa studies and develops innovative products, customized and patented. Fama Spa is ISO 9001 certified responds optimally to STUVA recommendations. 3. COMPANY PROFILE COMPANY SOLUTIONS Since 1995, more than 50 galleries around the world have been built and under construction using the products of Fama Spa. Fama Spa is the first Italian company that has designed and implemented a gasket integrated in the formwork embedded into the concrete. The anchored gasket Fama UG012A was applied for the first time in Italy at Scilla, in the tunnel Terna. The Famas gasket UG019A was used in the Sparvo Tunnel (Highway Bologna-Firenze) that is currently the largest ever TBM tunnel in Europe. The Famas gasket UG004B was used in the Copenhagen Cityringen Tunnel in presence of higly contaminated soils. 4. COMPANY PROFILE COMPANY FACILITIES FAMA Spa works on a total surface of 20.000 m has: A factory producing and testing rubber gaskets. A main warehouse for the storage of the finished products. A factory for the production of thermoplastic technical accessories. 5. COMPANY PROFILE 6. COMPANY PROFILE RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT During the last years, Fama Spa has developed many products: Developing of a new range of rubber gasket for tunnel segments (year 2009); Developing of hydrophilic products (year 2010); Developing of anchored rubber gaskets for tunnel segments (year 2010); Design of advanced connecting systems for tunnel segments (year 2011); Development of maxi-dowel for large tunnels (diameter 1416 mt; year 2012) 7. 2013 Hong Kong 2013 Vancouver 2013 Caltanissetta ITALY 2013 Athens 2012 Florence ITALY 2012 Scilla ITALY 2012 Copenhagen 2012 Guatemala 2011 Panama 2011 Shenzhen 2011 Israel 2010 Suruc (Turkey) 2011 Bangalore 2011 Teheran 2010 Brenner (Italy) 2010 Quejigares (Spain)) 2010 Caraguatatuba (Brasil) 2009 Rome (Italy) 2009 Istanbul 2009 Buenos Aires 2007 Moscow, and Belarus 2005 Castellanza (Algeria) 2004 Turkmenistan 2004 Caracas 2014 Doha 8. COMPANY PROFILE 9. COMPANY PROFILE THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION www.famaspa.it