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  1. 1. Our storyline is very much like the Paranormal Activity 1 storyline which features a woman and her husband. There has been a curse placed on the woman who eventually becomes possessed and sacrifices herself and her husband. In this scene, Casey is possessed and is standing at the foot of the bed where Michael is sleeping. We thought it would be good to replicate this scene as it is very recognizable and shows that Casey is possessed. The difference between the two scenes is that the Paranormal Activity scene is being recorded on a video camera. It shows the time in which it is taking place. The atmosphere is also darker in contrast to ours which is much brighter. Katie is also wearing a white top which connotes purity and innocence but our group decided to make Casey wear a black top as black represents the evil that is possessing her. The red blanket at the end of the bed was also purposely placed there to complete the mise-en- scene as red connotes blood and danger which is significant because it seems as though Michael may be in danger.
  2. 2. In this scene, I am bringing in a box with the last few bits from our old house. Our prop is the box which makes it clear that we have just moved into a new home. We had already moved in together but there was just a last box that we had forgotten from the other house that I had to bring in. Initially, Casey was meant to move in with her husband Michael but unfortunately it was quite hard to get our male actor in the daytime so instead, we made it clear that Casey is on the phone to Michael whilst he is at work on his lunch break. We used different angles in order for the audience to understand what was going on in the scene. The music also begins to accompany the scene here and draws attention to the image. To draw even more attention to our main focus, we used a close up of the photo frame. This makes the photo more significant and draws the audience to the subject. It is also a point of view shot as it is exactly what Casey is seeing.
  3. 3. In one of the bedroom scenes, we used a red blanket to signify danger and as a warning to the audience. Casey is also in a white top which shows her purity and innocence within this particular part of the trailer. This scene was only shot once and was also unplanned. As I was walking and looking around, a car pulls up beside me, making it seem like I was being followed. To make this scene more relevant in the trailer, maybe we should add more scenes that are outside instead of just in the house. Casey is texting her boyfriend Michael about the dream she had last night as she did not get a chance to see him when he left in the morning. We changed the name of a friend on Heerals contact list to Michael and sent the text to them. This scene was inspired by Paranormal Activity. The door slams shut by itself making it seem like the ghostly villain is in the house trying to torment Casey. This is similar to the Paranormal Activity bedroom scene where she is dragged out of the room and the door slams shut by itself.
  4. 4. We used the pull focus technique on this scene. We see the camera in full focus and eventually blur it out which rolls into the next scene. This makes the audience aware that the person in the image may be the reason why the paranormal activities are going on in the house. In this clip, I have just fallen down the stairs unexpectedly. Our aim was to make it look like I had been pulled by a hidden identity. Caseys reaction makes it obvious that something strange was going on. We kept the red blanket which indicated danger. Casey is wearing black which could indicate the change that she is about to go through in the trailer. Michael is walking through the kitchen when the door suddenly slams shut by itself. The only problem is that, there is no significant sound that shows that the door has been slammed shut. It would be much more intense if a loud sound was used to accompany this action.