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<ul><li><p>THE INSPIRATIONThe traveling woman has an abundance of stories to tell, from hercultured insights to the meticulously selected garments purchasedon her journey. The female explorer's carefully curated collection offindings is composed of unique attributes of the details and fabricsselected. Her wardrobe extends anywhere from Peruvian knitwear toNative American motifs sourced in New Mexico.The nomadic woman's wardrobe is a unique source of conversationand inspiration. This woman's clothing must hold meaning andstories waiting to be told. She deeply enjoys telling her friendswhere she got her beaded tunic and silk shawl.This season, nomadic eloquence is about storytelling and wearableconversation. The runway aesthetic mixes a large dose of bohemiaand a hint of glamour to concoct a highly notable trend. The 1960'sand 1970's have been influential decades in these collections.Designers are incorporating an abundance of fringe, longerhemlines and Native American inspired prints.</p><p>TREND NO. 1NOMADIC ELOQUENCE</p></li><li><p> TREND NO. 1 - NOMADIC ELOQUENCE</p><p>ItemsPonchosMaxi-vestsShearly vestsFringed shawlsBlanket wrap-skirtsSheer peasant topsQuilted velour skirtsBillowy maxi dressesFolk inspired-appliquesRussian inspired floral-motifsPhoto: Bohemian Diesel</p><p>DetailsLace-up closuresEmbroidered yokesFringed accessories</p><p>ColorsPlumsCreamDeep bluesShades of brownDark and burnt reds</p><p>MaterialsWoolUltra suedeVegan leatherShearling liningsCracked dye workFine 1x1 knit ribbing</p></li><li><p> TREND NO. 1 - NOMADIC ELOQUENCE</p><p>TREND HIGHLIGHTS</p></li><li><p> TREND NO. 1 - NOMADIC ELOQUENCE</p><p>MAGIC Women's BrandsFeaturing This Trend</p><p>BretBohoJohnny WasOLIVE + OAKTysa, Tina + JoCorey by CoreyZYNNI Cashmere</p></li><li><p>THE INSPIRATIONYou know that weeklong getaway you took last year? You know, theone where you stayed in a cozy cottage wrapped in soft cashmereblankets while you watched white, glistening snow fall out outside?If you took that same trip this year, what would you pack? Well,there are a few key pieces such as asymmetrical cut wrap jackets,high-low tunics, maxi-length cardigans and oversized dolmansweaters will be a staple in every woman's vacationing suitcase.But let's face it, some of us don't have the time for week-long, oreven weekend getaways, so imagination transcended intoreenactment is crucial. The coupling of a shift midi-dress with ankleboots creates that soft, effortless, minimal look that is alwayssomehow achievable when escaping to a new land.Throwing on additional sweater layers is made simple andfunctional with oversized silhouettes and more-than-deliciousfabrics. Color stories complement each other, as greys and neutralstake center stage.</p><p>TREND NO. 2MODERN LINES</p></li><li><p> TREND NO. 2 - MODERN LINES</p><p>ItemsDolman sweatersAsymmetric dressesMidi-dresses and skirtsBoot cut pantsMaxi cardigansCroppted stovepipe pants Chunky sweaters</p><p>DetailsAsymmetric hemsOversized geometric shaped beltsMock turtlenecksRuchingClosure-free, self-binding finishes</p><p>TextilesRepurposed feltsSilk jerseySilky satinWoolTencel</p><p>ColorsNavy bluesNudesGraysGreensOptic white</p><p>Magic Women's BrandsFeaturing This TrendXCVILozenaiNIC+ZOEIndigenousOLIVE + OAKCorey by CoreyNatalia RomanoEILEEN FISHER</p></li><li><p>THE INSPIRATIONFlowers have acted as a source of inspiration and delight sincethe beginning of time. With countless colors, styles andfragrances available, flowers seduce the senses. This season,designers are taking note with an array of fashions featuringfloral prints in timeless and beautiful ways.This season's take on florals connects flowers with the feelings ofromanticism and nostalgia. Designers are showing sizeable, boldfloral arrangements in a spot motif, enlarged throughembroidery work, or free floating around full items. This type offloral story pushes toward dark prints containing realisticbotanical characteristics and subdued hues.Miniscule tapestry prints are achieved through tactile detailing.Groundbreaking bursts of rich color are delicately injected intocollections by way of florals on deep grounds. The black groundflorals create a moody and dark romance that is reminiscent ofenchantment and charm. Asymmetry and large-scale stripes areprominent fine points amongst designer collections this season.</p><p>TREND NO. 3PETALS OF ROMANCE</p></li><li><p> TREND NO. 3 - PETALS OF ROMANCE</p><p>ItemsPencil skirtsSwing coatsLong duster coatsCowl neck sweatersLightweight shi -dressesFloor-length vests and jackets</p><p>DetailsGold foilingCowl necksSkinny beltsClosure-freeFloral appliquesShort bell sleeves</p><p>TextilesWoolBrocadeOrganzaFur accentsTapestry prints70s inspired floralsFloral print jacquardDutch still life painted - dark floralsRich textures - velvet and velour</p><p>ColorsBrownsEggplantBurgundyDeep navyCharcoal grayBlack groundsMidnight blues</p></li><li><p> TREND NO. 3 - PETALS OF ROMANCE</p><p>MAGIC Women's BrandsFeaturing This Trend</p><p>TysaJohnny WasBretBohoCorey by CoreyOLIVE + OAK</p></li><li><p>REGISTER FOR MAGIC LAS VEGAShttp://www.magiconline.com/register-now</p><p>August 17-19th, 2015SOURCING starts August 16, 2015</p></li></ul>