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    Nancy McCormick Bassett 83 Director of Alumni Relations

    Chris Hedges Editor Director of Communications

    Chris GartenHead of School

    Margo KirsteinDirector of Development

    Kathy Deubell Writer

    Keith Neu Sports Photographer

    Carol BrueggemeyerGraphic Designer




    Development Office513.728.2400 email: alumni.news@7hills.org Fax: 513.728.2409

    Vol. XXXVI No. 1 Fall 2012

    Seven Hills is a publication of The Seven Hills School.

    Front Cover photo: Sophomore Tucker RobinsonAbove photo: Junior Lauren Weems

  • The Seven Hills Development Office gratefully acknowledges and thanks the more than 200 volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to ensuring that The Seven Hills School continues to thrive and is able to provide the rich learning experiences that distinguish a Seven Hills education.

    Thank youSarah Steinman

    Mary Reis Sullivan C59

    Kim Takahashi

    Rick & Ann Theders

    Ginny Berg Van Alyea 99

    Aaron VanderLaan 91

    Heather Vecellio 92

    Harriet Warm C55

    Liza Martindale Weiner 99

    Mary Weisenborn

    Hannah Wheatley 05

    Kathy Oechler Whitbeck H67

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    Sally Wilborn

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    Sharon Yosafat

    Lisa Zaring 03

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    2 0 1 2 - 2 0 1 3 A N N U A L G I V I N G V O L U N T E E R S

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    Larry & Janet Allgaier

    Jan Anderson

    Libby Andrews

    Rob & Dulany Anning 86

    Keith & Jo Arnold

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    Michael Barrett

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    Allan & Jennie (Rosenthal L75)


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  • As part of our strategic planning process, a committee of trustees and senior administrators has recently revised Seven Hills mission statement. The new statement, now adopted by the full Board of Trustees, constitutes a powerful expression of the defining purpose of this institution.

    Our Approach to Teaching We believe that learning should be engaging and relevant.

    We use teaching methods designed to ensure that students acquire the intellectual and social skills they need to thrive in an increasingly complex global community.

    We focus not only on the acquisition of knowledge, but on inquiry, discovery, and the application of skills to meaningful problem solving.

    We teach students to make choices, to manage their time, to think critically and creatively, and, above all, to take responsibility for their own learning.

    We are committed to exploring educational best practices and to adapting our instructional methods to advances in technology and developments in the world.

    Our Commitment to Character We believe that the School, in partnership with our families, plays a critical role in helping students develop character and core values.

    We strive to nurture the intellectual, aesthetic, moral, and social skills our students will need to become engaged citizens and responsible leaders.

    We see our teachers, administrators, and staff as role models, mentors, and collaborators, engaging with students in meaningful and mutually respectful ways.

    We value individuality and believe that a rich diversity of backgrounds and perspectives enriches our community.

    We encourage students and faculty to be actively involved in their communities, making us all more aware of the needs of others.

    Our Environment for Learning We believe that students learn best when they work in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect.

    We believe that the School should provide a safe, supportive, and challenging environment, with clear goals and high expectations for student achievement and conduct.

    We believe that education is relationship-based and that students learn best when teachers fully understand the interests, motivations, and indi- vidual learning styles of each of their students.

    We believe that the School should provide the widest possible range of opportunities for students to explore personal interests and develop individual talents.

    We believe that extracurricular and athletic activ- ities should be open to all students who wish to participate, regardless of their innate ability.


    O U R E D U C A T I O N A L P H I L O S O P H y


  • Earlier this school year I hosted a series of conversations with many of the parents of the 153 new students we have enrolled this year. I hoped, of course, to hear good things about their childrens transition

    to Seven Hills, but, as I listened to their accounts of their childrens experiences, I was thrilled to hear how closely their impressions seemed to echo the aspirational language of our new mission statement.

    Engaging Hearts and MindsMany parents new to the school this year described their first few weeks at Seven Hills as a transformational experience. Some have seen, already, a sea change in their childrens attitudes about school. Students leave home excitedly in the mornings. They are eager to share their experiences at night. They are emotionally engaged in what they are learning.

    Our families spoke glowingly about th