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  • Fall and Winter

    Wedding Bouquets

  • The beauty of the wedding stays incomplete in absence of

    a beautiful bouquet. It is a source of magnanimous

    splendor. The high charm and magnetic appeal that it holds

    is wordless. It makes bride exceptionally special when she

    carries it in her hands.

    Your primary focus should be to include the bouquets that

    have seasonal flowers in them. This way you can have the

    freshness all along with you wherever you go.

  • Aubergine Dahlias:

    The white tipped petals ignite the

    spark with the late seasoned

    aubergine dahlias when embossed

    with velvet leaves. The fresh pieces

    of chartreuse acorns add a touch

    of effervescence.

  • Bouquet inspired by the fall/harvest:

    Introduce as much white and mums to

    create the surprise in your bouquet. It

    will act as the driving force. Intersperse

    them all along the white roses and

    accentuate them with Hypercom

    berries. Cupped oak leaves look

    splendid. Plumes of astilbe offer a

    feathery touch and make it look soft

    and squashy.

  • Vibrant bouquet:

    The hues of blue, dusky rose, taupe,

    green and dried puffs of hydrangea

    make a wonderful bouquet. Highlight

    them with calla lilies that soften the

    natural display with its shape. Tie your

    bouquet with a satin silk ribbon.

  • Red Bouquet:

    Red is perfect color that highlights

    occasion with warmth adding

    charisma to all the arrangements. Its

    geometry includes perfection when

    opened amaryllis blossoms are

    combined with hypericum berries.

  • Handheld Wreath:

    The mind-blowing touch of blue-gray

    of juniper added with deep green of

    arborvitae is the bold form of wedding

    bouquet these days. It replicates the

    winter in its own fashion. Introduce its

    branches to endow it a dramatic

    shape with delicacy.

  • Pick any bouquet that is your favorite

    and accentuate its beauty with the

    illusion of shimmering light. Take a clue

    from fall/winter the season and think for

    more innovative ways.


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