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    October 2017Volume LXXXIX | Issue 10www.aladdinshrine.org

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    Fall Activities and Ceremonial by Jon M. Kinney, Potentate

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    OCTOBER 7, 2017 Walk for Love p 6

    OCTOBER 28, 2017 Halloween Party & Dance p 12

    NOVEMBER 4, 2017 Fall Ceremonial p 2

    NOVEMBER 10, 2017 Spaghetti Dinner p 7

    NOVEMBER 11, 2017 Fall Fashion Frenzy

    p 5

    NOVEMBER 30-DECEMBER 2, 2017 Holiday Festival p 1, 12

    DECEMBER 31, 2017 New Year's Eve Celebration p 10

    September was another month full of activities for the members of Aladdin Temple and the Divan. We started the month with the Marietta Labor Day Parade on Saturday, September 2 . My thanks go to the Legion of Honor and the Provost Units which joined the Divan traveling to Marietta to support their club in the parade. It was a rainy Saturday but when the parade stepped off, the rain ceased until after we completed the parade route. It was a nice parade which was well attended by the public and there was an excellent afterglow provided to us by the Marietta Shrine Club after the parade.

    Next Aladdin paraded in Grove City at the Arts in the Alley Parade on Saturday, September 16. It was a beautiful morning for a parade and there was a large crowd of people on the side lines to watch the parade pass. On Saturday, September 23 Aladdin participated in the Jackson Apple Festival Parade. It was a nice fall evening and a great parade route that was well attended by the public. Thanks go to the Pike County Shrine Club for a fine pre-glow to get us ready to parade.

    The Divan had visitations with the Aladdin Car Club, Marietta Shrine Club, Pike County Shrine Club, Voice of Aladdin, as well as the Past Masters Unit and Reception Unit. These were all fun times with great fellowship.

    The Divan traveled to Springfield, ILL September 13 15 to attend the GLSA Annual Session. The session was informative and necessary business was conducted. Congratulations go to Aladdins own Bill Amsbaugh, PP who was elected 1st Vice President at this session on track for the presidency in 2019. We were honored to be joined at the session by Imperial Potentate Gary Bergenske along with Imperial Chief Rabban Jim Cain, Sr. and Imperial Oriental Guide Bill Bailey. The Divan watched the clown competition and two Aladdin clowns placed in their respective category. Mike "Buckethead" Clark placed first in character makeup and Dave "Badger" Brinson placed third in white face makeup.

    Nobles, it was suggested that there may be some interest in starting a new antique tractor club or something of that ilk. If you are an enthusiast of old tractors, this may be an opportunity to start a new club with fellow enthusiasts for fun and fellowship. If you are interested please contact Potentate Jon Kinney at jkinney@aladdinshrine.org or 740-207-5226.

    We are also looking to start a culinary or chef unit. The actual name of the new unit may be determined by the new members once it is formed. The purpose of this unit entails running the kitchen, preparing meals for small groups such as stated meetings, club or unit meetings, Oasis events and helping with fish fries, spaghetti dinners, etc. There are multiple opportunities to provide food services throughout the Shrine year. This unit is open to anyone who enjoys cooking regardless if you have experience. All new members will be required to meet training required by the board of health which is easily accomplished online. If you are interested, please contact Potentate Jon Kinney at jkinney@aladdinshrine.org or 740-207-5226.

    A New Event for Aladdin by Zale MaxwellNobles, your participation is needed for a new event, the Holiday Festival at the Aladdin Shrine on November 30 through December 2. (See ad on page 12)

    As you know, our Ill Potentate Jon M. Kinney has been trying many new events for Shriners to have fun and make money for Aladdin. In keeping with this, he has asked me to chair this Aladdin Holiday Festival. The festival committee has spent much time planning and organizing this event, and we need your help to make it a success. During this event, we will be selling holiday items such as decorated Christmas trees, door wreaths, Hanukkah items and other seasonal decoration items.

    This first year we are seeking donations of new or like new items which can be sold during this fundraising effort. This holiday festival will have additional happenings such as vendors with seasonal items, sales of holiday cookies and hot chocolate and a possible visit from the jolly guy. On December 2 there will even be a holiday breakfast.

    We are seeking donations of decorated Christmas trees (6 - 8), decorated tabletop trees (3 or smaller), door wreaths and other holiday seasonal items. They may be dropped off at Aladdin the week of the event (starting November 27 and prior to noon on November 30). Please contact Zale Maxwell, HP&P at 740-215-6849 or at ZaleandSusan.Maxwell@gmail.com for details and other ways in which you can help.

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    Continue Your Investment by Robert Warner, Membership ChairmanDues Now DueBy now each noble should have received a 2018 Aladdin Shriners dues notice with payment due on or before December 31, 2017. A nobles dues are $89.00 per year, but not all of it remains with Aladdin Shrine. As part of this payment, Shriners International receives $35.00 for each noble on our roster. From this $35.00 amount, $30.00 is a per capita assessment going to Shriners International with the remaining $5.00 going to Shriners Hospital for Children.

    Aladdin Shriner receives only $54.00 per noble for its dues. Less than 61% of the $89.00 amount remains to pay our operational costs including but not limited to building, personnel, vehicles, utilities, insurance premiums and real estate taxes.

    For less than fifteen cents per day ,each noble can take part in Aladdin Shrine activities while also being an integral part of the largest philanthropic fraternity in the world.

    Recently the membership team personally contacted over 300 nobles still owing 2017 dues. A short personal, one-on-one conversation prevented numerous nobles from being suspended. One common response during the conversations was that the noble never received a dues notice. An easy way to check your Aladdin membership record and dues balance is to go online to WebFez. (Instruction for registering at WebFex is on page 3.) Each Noble can review his own membership record and make changes so that we have correct information. If you have not received a notice and do not have computer access, please call the Aladdin Shrine office. The staff will mail you a dues notice.

    The Aladdin Fall Ceremonial is Saturday, November 4, 2017. There was a large One-Day Masonic Class last spring. Lets take advantage of this and enlist new nobles. There is plenty of time to do so. We have a wonderful facility and plenty of activities to interest new Masons. Each of us can invite a Mason friend to a Shrine event. Let him see for himself why Shrine membership is important to you.

    The Fall Ceremonial fee is $215.00 for each candidate. This includes the 2018 annual dues. The cost o