Facts about orthotics that you need to know

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Facts about Orthotics that you need to know

Many people suffer from aches in their foot, back and legs and often times it is as a result of improper foot alignment. If nothing is done about this, the aches and pain often result in serious injuries such as tendonitis, shin splints and stress fractures. However, something can be done about improper foot alignment and this is where the Orthotics comes into play.What is Orthotics?

These are commonly known as arch supports but they serve more purpose than that. They are simple shoe inserts that help fix the improper foot alignment when one is on their feet, walking and running. They are very important because as they work on foot position, they also contribute to the alignment of the knees, ankles, hips and lower back.

Types of Orthotics

They are two major types of orthotics and they are as follows:-The Rigid Orthotic: - This is the best type for low arched feet. These are the kind of feet with a little gap between the foots arch and the floor when one stands. The rigid Orthotic is inflexible as its name implies and it has a great arch support.

Since the low arched feet is flexible, then the rigid orthotic is perfect. When worn for the first time, this kind of orthotic will feel strange because of its shape and rigidity but after sometime it becomes comfortable and the wearer feels more at ease while walking or doing any kind of activity while standing.

The Soft Orthotic: - This kind of orthotic is perfect for high arched feet, these are the kind of feet with a large gap between the foot and the floor when one is standing. Since it is a soft kind of orthotic, it is perfect for this rigid kind of feet. Note that this kind of orthotic need frequent replacement because the cushioning which absorbs the shock when running tends to wear out.Getting the perfect fit

In order to know if it is the perfect fit, simply select a pair of orthotics and place them on the floor. Take off your shoes and stand right on the pieces to get a feel of them. Note the arch support on the orthotics and make sure it works well. If you are buying a soft orthotic, make sure it effectively absorbs shock through the soft cushioning which should be enough to do.Sometimes you may have to trim down your orthotics around the toe area for them to fit inside your shoes. Ensure that you trim off only small sections at a time and follow your foots curve. Insert them into your shoes and if you notice that they are still not the perfect fit, repeat the trimming. However, be careful that you dont trim too much to avoid ruining the orthotic.

Introducing Orthotics to your feet

Wearing orthotics for the first time has been known to cause soreness on the feet and other discomforts. As much as the discomfort is normal, it can still be eliminated by gradually getting your feet to adjust to the use of orthotics. Start by wearing your orthotics for 2 hours the first day, then increase your wear time by 2 hours every day. This way your feet will adjust perfectly and there will be no soreness.There are foot orthotics Alberta stores, orthotics Edmonton stores, orthotics Calgary stores and orthotic stores all over the country. If not sure on where to buy your orthotics and the kind to buy,simply consult with your foot doctor.

Also consider having a prolotherapy session if your foot problems worsen, there are many specialists available especially in podiatrist edmonton where there are numerous prolotherapy Edmonton doctors. Always remember that not all aches and pain can be because of foot problems and orthotics cannot completely heal any serious injury, they are just a partial solution.