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2. Facebook Promotion Guidelines
3. What is a Promotion?
Defined as: Contest, Competition or Sweepstakes
Contest or competition they mean a promotion that includes a prize of monetary value and a winner determined on the basis of skill (i.e., through judging based on specific criteria).
Sweepstakes they mean a promotion that includes a prize of monetary value and a winner selected on the basis of chance.
4. What Do The Rules Really Mean?
Facebook does not want to be associated with the promotion and is not liable for any promotion being run.
Read all of their rules at www.facebook.com/promotions_guidelines.php
5. What Does This Mean To You?
Facebook will not allow the use of Facebook features or functionality as a form of entry or as a means to contact a winner.
Like button: includes Pages, Comments and Photos
Uploading photos
6. Promotion Fundamentals
You dont need Facebooks permission.
All promotions still need to be run within 3rd party Apps (like Wildfire) on Facebook.com, and can be run either on a Canvas page or as an app on a Page Tab.
You may not use Facebook features or functionality such as the Like button as a method of voting for a promotion.
The entry process must be contained within the 3rd party app environment, and include a registration (like a form) separate of the act of Liking a page.
You still cannot use Facebook to notify winners.
7. Common No-Nos & Watchouts
Using incentivized sharing to drive a promotion (giving money to a cause based on shared content)
The burden of responsibility for checking that a promotion can legally offer a specific prize remains in the hands of the promotion administrator and page owner.
iPads fall under Apple's Guidelines for Third Party Promotions
8. Why Run A Promotion?
Fun way to build your Fan base
Reengage with your existing Fans
Great source for gathering data
Let your audience market for you!
9. Contests/Promos Motivate!
10. 3rd Party App Options
3rd Party Apps
North Social
Forms in Tabs
Custom Built Apps
3rd Party Apps include apps you create yourself if you have the know-how/resources to do so you basically become the third party in this case.
Off-Facebook Promotion
11. Contest Best Practices
Prizes aligned with the brand coupled with advertising of the campaign yield better results than a huge grand prize.
Engage legal counsel for regulation, rules, tax documents, alternate entry options, state-by-state regulations, etc.
You CAN restrict your promotion only to entrants who have first liked your page, as long as the promotion is administered through a third-party app on a separate canvas page.
12. Non-Contest Promotions
What you can do, for example, isselect a fan at random and feature him or her in your page photo.Or possibly feature chosen fan(s) on a custom tab (link). As long as you dont have other fans vote or submit nominations, etc.
13. FAQ
Can I run a photo contest using my wall?
Can I select a Fan at random to give a prize?
Can I offer a prize to a user for becoming a Fan?
Can I promote a contest on Facebook that I run on my blog/website?
How do I announce the winner?
Is it really necessary to run a promotion with a 3rd party app?
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