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Are You Still PlayingFlute?BIODATA OF ZURINAH HASSAN Date / Place of birth : 13 June 1949, Alor Setar Kedah. Permanent address : No.2, Jalan Pinggir, 8/1L, Seksyen 8, 40000 Shah Alam since 1974. Academic Qualifications : B.A.Hons (Universiti Sains Malaysia), M.A. (Universiti Putra Malaysia). Doktor Falsafah, Akademi Pengajian Melayu, Universiti Malaya. Awards : 1. Anugerah Penulisan Asia Tenggara (S.E.A. Write Award) 20042. Book Category Awardi- Pujangga Tidak Bernama, Hadiah Sastera Perdana(1994/1995) ii- Memoir Zurinah Hassan Menjejak Puisi, Hadiah Buku Perpustakaan Negara 2002/2004) iii- Memoir Zurinah Hassan Menjejak Puisi , Hadiah Sastera Perdana 2002/2003.Are You Still Playing Your Flute? by Zurinah HassanAre you still playing your flute?When there is hardly time for our loveI am feeling guiltyTo be longing for your songThe melody concealed in the slim hollow of the bambooUncovered by the breath of an artistComposed by his fingersBlown by the windTo the depth of my heart.Are you still playing your flute?In the village so quiet and desertedAmidst the sick rice fieldsWhile here it has become a luxuryTo spend time watching the rainGazing at the evening raysCollecting dew dropsOr enjoying the fragrance of flowers.

Are you still playing your flute?The more it disturbs my conscienceto be thinking of youin the hazard of youmy younger brothers unemployed and desperatemy people disunited by politicsmy friend slaughtered mercilesslythis world is too old and bleeding.

SYNOPSISThis poem his about a persona who reminisces the time he/she spends when in a village. There are many things that are now luxury to her such as listening to the melody of the flute itself, gazing at the evening rays, collecting dew drops, or enjoying the fragrance of flowers. The village is now unpopulated as many have moved to the city. Now that she has moved on with her life, she wonders whether the flutist is still playing the flute. This is because, there are many challenges in the world today such as the world is dying, the unemployment issue and the people are disunited because of different political views.

THEMES Family commitments Priorities in life Neglect of ones dutiesMORAL VALUES We should be aware of our family commitments and carry them out properly. Everyone has priorities in, life and we should know what is important and what is not. Following a hobby is good but there is a time for work and a time for play.POINT OF VIEW The poem is the first point of view. The person is addressing another person and describing a situation to him.LANGUAGE AND STLYE Rhetorical question Descriptive and questioning Simple style and no rhymeTONE, MOOD AND ATMOSPHERE Sombre and regretful Serious atmospherePOETIC DEVICES Imagery e.g. blown by the wind, depth of my heart Alliteration e.g. fragrance of flowers Symbol e.g. flute, song Repetition e.g. Are you still playing your flute? Figurative Language Metaphor e.g. The melody concealed in the slime hollow of bamboo Personification e.g. sick rice field