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  • 1. INTROEyeEm is a smart photo-sharing application foriOS and Android that constantly learns aboutuser tastes, and recommends albums of similarphotos from friends and like-minded peoplearound the world.EyeEm is a network thats not necessarily basedon friends, as Instagram is, but rather on sharedinterests. EyeEm suggests a topic when youpost a photo. Topics appear in a purple box, soyou can easily see all the photos within a theme.

2. HOW THE PHOTO-SHARING APPSCOULD BE USED TO GROW THEBUSINESS? 3. The main idea is to leverage EyeEms highlyengaged community who can be locallyor demographically targeted 4. #1 SHOW YOURPRODUCTShow off a collection of theproducts you offer, share aphoto of a new or lesser-knownproduct or zoom in on a productand engage your followers byasking them to guess what it is. fitness trainers could show offtheir favorite workout equipment, photographers could reveal theirmost prized camera lens andmechanics might give us a lookat their most sophisticateddiagnostic equipment. 5. #2 SHOW HOW ITS MADE & GO BEHIND THESCENESLet followers in on the origins of their favorite products with snapshots taken atvarious points in the manufacturing process step-by-step of the product that theyconsume &Doing a photo shoot for a catalog or ad? Filming a commercial? Getting made-up for amedia interview?These are moments that very few people get to experience in real life. Think ofInstagram as a way to give all of your followers an exclusive backstage pass! 6. #3 SHOW WHAT YOUR PRODUCTS CAN DOIf your business provides aservice like makeup or hairdesign, landscaping,decorating, auto body repair orinterior design, show yourfollowers the impact of yourwork with a shot of yoursubject before and after youwork your magic. The side-by-side comparison will add thewow factor to your contentand maybe even get you a fewnew customers. 7. #4 SHOW YOUR OFFICE&INTRODUCEYOUREMPLOYEESPeople who follow their favoritebrands on social media haveprobably asked at one time oranother, I wonder what itd belike to work there? Well, showthem!Post photos that provide aglimpse of a-day-in-the-life atyour office &Humanize your brand by usingInstagram to introduce yourfans to the people who makeyour company what it is. 8. #5 SHARECELEBRITYSIGHTINGS Lets face it. We live in a society that is crazy about celebritieswe know who theyre dating, what theyre eating and where they go to vacation. Cash in on celebrity cachet and share pictures of them interacting with yourbrand,whether theyre signing autographs at your sponsored event, speaking, visiting your office or even using your products or services. These posts will be sure to get followers talking. 9. THANKYOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION