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  • IPO: When the window of opportunity for an IPO opens, winning companies are readyFor fast-growing private companies seeking to raise capital, an Initial Public Offering can be a superior route to funding growth. While challenging market conditions are here to stay, companies need to be fully prepared to leverage the window of opportunity for an IPO, whenever it becomes available. If you are leading a company that is preparing to go public within the next few years, you have to take into consideration several nuances: the strength and buoyancy of capital markets, current economic indicators, and your companys performance.

    Notwithstanding mega-economic trends and conditions, you need to ask very practical questions if you are contemplating an IPO: how do I prepare properly for the IPO transaction; how do I cultivate worthy investment in a dynamic environment and steer my business to success as a public company?

    EY is one of the leading advisors to companies considering an IPO. Not only have we guided numerous companies through the IPO filing process, but we have also helped them improve tax structures, compensation plans, business processes and controls, corporate governance structures and more. That gives us a tremendous perspective in guiding you through the IPO transaction and beyond.

    How do I construct an IPO plan? How do I establish the right team, processes and infrastructure? How do I build a strategic and investor relations function? What are my responsibilities for the road show and post-transaction?

    All of these questions and more are answered by our experts, comprising experienced executives who have undertaken IPOs, as well as advisors critical to the process.

    No one will tell you that going public is easy, but the rewards may be monumental. The key considerations here are advance preparation, experienced guidance and effective execution.

    EY will be delighted to guide you through your IPO journey. We wish you every possible success!

    IPO: Is your company ready?To achieve strategic targets, a company will require access to funds. You need to take time to think and explore various funding options available to help your business grow. Floating an IPO is one of the primary ways to access capital. Do not plan to go public because you think it is the end of the game, but know that it is indeed the beginning of a serious journey.

    Companies that have completed a successful IPO know that the process involves a complete transformation of the people, processes and culture of the organization from a private enterprise to a public one.

    So, how does a company begin the all-consuming task of preparing to go public?

    It is up to the CEO and senior executives to strike the right balance between executing the IPO transaction and managing the day-to-day operations of the company. In the life-changing journey from the private realm to public markets, senior managers face numerous leadership challenges that test the readiness of their business to go for an IPO. Therefore, the key question that a CEO and senior executives need to ask is, Are we prepared?

    The IPO value journey with EYThe IPO value journey for an organization involves putting a sound IPO plan in place, which will typically include the pre-deal, execution and post-deal business phases.

    IPO pre-deal

    Preparing for an IPO is an intense and arduous process. EY brings in the right resources to manage the program and assist you in your preparation for the IPO event. We also ensure that strong operational execution does not get diluted, as your executive team needs to devote significant time and energy while preparing for an IPO.

    IPO execution

    It is important to recognize that the IPO event is not an end but the beginning of a life-changing process for your organization that will continue long after the actual event.

    EY can help you in the process of organizational strengthening. This, in turn, would help you tackle the pressures and nuances of being a public company.

    We can provide the following services relevant to the execution phase:

    Develop a clear and compelling business strategy.

    Build robust executive teams.

    Early attention to accounting implications.

    GAAP transition and implementation.

    Tax re-structuring.

    Strengthen corporate governance.

    Strengthen process and internal controls.

    Develop performance based culture.

    Improve transparency and foster investor confidence.

    IPO post-dealThe IPO post-deal phase revolves around executing the business plan to increase revenues and earnings in line with, or faster than, expectations. Businesses must stay focused on completing the transformation.

    In this phase, we continuously assist our clients in remaining focused on delivering on revenue and earnings targets and improving operational efficiency.

    Preparing for the IPOjourney

    Internal preparation

    IPO pre- deal IPO execution IPO post-deal

    Day-one readinessIPO design, concept and placement with external team


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    Keeping options open

    Timing themarketright

    Building rightmanagement & advisoryteams

    Buildingbusiness &financialprocesses

    Establishingcorporatestructure &governance

    Managinginvestorrelations &communications

    Deliveringan effectiveroad show

    Attracting the right investors and analysts

    Delivering on your promise


    Why choose EY?EY has a strong history of assisting companies in delivering successful IPOs. The firm is aware of the essentials of what it takes to succeed as a public company. You can count on us to draw upon our global network, market leadership, industry knowledge and insight to guide you before, during and beyond the IPO process.

    Our IPO specialists help businesses like yours to evaluate the pros and cons of an IPO. We demystify the process, examine the alternatives and help you prepare for public pressures. Our market-based insights can help your business achieve its potential.

    Make sure you know how to prepare for this transformational transaction and manage your newly public company

    What do highly successful IPO companies do?

    Prepare early

    Begin the IPO readiness process early enough, so that your pre-listed company acts and operates as a public company at least one year before the IPO.

    Commit substantial resources to the IPO process and build a quality management team, strong financial and business infrastructure, corporate governance and an appropriate investor relations strategy that will attract the right investors.

    Do not underestimate the amount of time that the IPO journey will take, and the level of scrutiny and accountability faced by a public company.

    Outperform competitors on key benchmarks

    Maintain strong financial projections such as debt to equity ratios, EPS growth, sales growth, RoE, profitability and EBITDA growth; investors base most of their IPO decisions on financial factors.

    Build a strong corporate governance structure; investors base their IPO investment decisions on non-financial factors, especially the quality of management, corporate strategy and execution, brand strength and operational effectiveness, and corporate governance.

    Articulate a compelling equity story, backed by a strong track record of growth that sets you apart from your peers, while maximizing value for owners.

    Evaluate capital-raising options

    Consider adopting a multi-track approach and expanding the number of capital-raising strategies, including foreign listing, strategic sale to a trade or financial buyer, joint venture or a private placement.Pursue pre-IPO transactions to achieve the maximum value, especially in the case of debt financing and refinancing, corporate reorganization and private placements of business alliances.

    Address investors current concerns Recognize the need for enhanced

    corporate governance in terms of recruiting qualified non-executive board members, improving internal controls and forming a qualified audit committee.

    The key success factors for an IPO include:

    Attractive pricing

    Compelling equity story

    Confidence in management

    Right timing

    Listing venue selection

    Reputation of the bankingsyndicate

    Size of the transaction


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    Readiness to provide transparencyand good corporate governance

    Fine-tune your internal business operations with focus on working capital management, regulatory risk and rationalizing the business structure.

    Deal with accounting challenges pertaining to asset valuation impairment, consolidated subsidiary financial statement issues and revenue recognition.

    * According to our 2013 Global IPO institutional investor survey and our decades of IPO experience

  • Funding for growthThe EY guide to going public

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    EY invests in IPO guidance to help you succeed

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