expository writing to explain. expository here are some more examples of expository!

Download Expository Writing to explain. Expository Here are some more examples of expository!

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  • ExpositoryWriting to explain

  • ExpositoryHere are some more examples of expository!

  • ExpositoryWhat are some forms of expository writing that you like?____________________________________________________________

  • ExpositoryNow, first things first; hopefully youve seen several zombie movies in your time, so you may have at least a few ideas of what you can expect. Yes, the dead will rise, and yes, they will attack the living but, if you are prepared, youll have no need to fear. If youve seen Dawn of the Dead (the remake) or 28 Days later then you may believe that zombies can run. Dont worry, zombies cant run. Technically, the 28 Days Zombies arent even real zombies, but thats a different kettle of fish.

  • ExpositoryWhy cant zombies run? Its obvious, really - theyre dead. Its amazing enough they can walk. We all know its pretty hard to run when youre tired; without any blood flowing through you at all, I think walking is the best you can hope for.

  • ExpositoryAlso, zombies cant think. How do they do what they do? Simple - instinct. With our minds running on full, we have the good grace to not bite each other. Zombies arent so lucky. Because they cant think, out-smarting a zombie should be childs play, even for a certified idiot like yourself. A zombie will walk straight towards you, slowly, typically with out stretched arms so all you need to do is keep several paces ahead, and dont walk down any dead-end allies. I imagine youre now wondering why you were ever worried at all; killing a zombie would be as easy as killing a goldfish, only not as satisfying. Well thats true, but zombies, like teenage girls and Vikings, travel in hordes.

  • ExpositoryIf there is one zombie, then soon there will be 10, and within an hour maybe a hundred, before you know it, your whole city is infected! Yes, if a zombie bites you, you will die, because you will be infected. That part of the Hollywood zombie myth is true. So more than likely, when you discover the zombie invasion for yourself, many of your friends, and a great many fellow students will be among the living dead. You cant hold back on a zombie, even if its a grandmother zombie, or a little child zombie, or a seriously attractive zombie. You need to be prepared to take the head off your friends if they are going for your brains! You must know how to kill a zombie - that part is in most of the movies - just hack through a zombies brain with a machete. What you may need to know is exactly what to do when youre stuck in a house with the zombie mob outside

  • ExpositoryGood writers organize their ideas before writing.

  • ExpositoryChoose a topic and list all the things that you know about that topicTypes of equipmentWhere to goHow to step in your boardHow to get on the chairliftHow to carveWhat to do when you fallSnowboarding

  • ExpositoryFind three sub topics within your list that will not have facts that overlap.SnowboardingEquipment__________________Where to go/ different mountains__________________How to snowboard__________________

  • ExpositoryIn your WNB, make another list of all the things you know about a topic, then create three unique subtopics for it.

  • ExpositoryGood writers try a variety of ways to organize their ideas.

  • Building a ComputerChoosing your materialsCaseProcessorGraphics cardConstructing the computerPower supplyProcessorWiresSoftware setupWindowsNetworkOptional software

  • ExpositoryIn your WNB create a graphic organizer from one of you ideas. You may use either of the forms of graphic organizers.

  • ExpositoryGood writers use attention grabbing leads when they write an introduction.

    Ripples in cosmic gas that resemble speedboat wakes have revealed a new population of young, renegade stars barreling through the universe at more than 112,000 miles (180,250 kilometers) an hour. National Geographic

  • ExpositoryTechniques for strong leads.QuoteStatistic- use of numbersAn amazing factBold opinionDescriptive segmentSeries of questions

  • ExpositoryWhat is used here?

    Los Angeles is like the fall of Rome, but instead of lead pipes, its bureaucracy. Three and a half years ago, I caught wind that there was a skatepark proposed two blocks away from my apartment in Highland Park. Immediately, visions of Dreamland and Grindline danced in my head like dual butconcrete snakeruns. But Los Angeles County is not Washington, Oregon, or Idaho; it isnt even like the rest of California. It believes its its own country


  • ExpositoryWhat technique is used here?

    Want a new fusion cuisine sourced from the world's best ingredients? Star chefs with personalities as big as their palates? A good exchange rate for the dollar? Welcome to Peru's capital city, the next great global foodie destination.


  • ExpositoryWhat technique is used here?

    Every new Sonic release carries a hope that Sega's blue hedgehog will be able to regain the form that made him a star in the early '90s. And most every venture into the third dimension has resulted in various degrees of failure. Sonic Unleashed was supposed to provide the unrelenting speed fans have been clamoring for, and it does finally offer a healthy dose of turbo-charged levels to burn through. Unfortunately, even with Sonic's trademark speed finally on full display, Unleashed lacks one very important element: fun.


  • ExpositoryAttempt three different possible leads for your essay from your graphic organizer. Label the techniques you used under each lead

    Do you want to experience Chinese culture in a new and exciting way? Would you like to learn the way of monkey, tiger, and snake. Have you been looking for a way to get healthier?

    Series of Questions

  • ExpositoryGood writers write strong thesis statements without telegraphing or telling the reader what they are going to read about.

  • ExpositoryGood or not?In my paper you will hear me tell you why I like cheese so much.Whether its gouda, gorgonzola, or a fine aged cheddar, cheese is without a doubt, a delicious dish.I hope you like reading this paper on cheese.

  • ExpositoryGood writers think about R.A.F.T. when they write.

  • ExpositoryR.A.F.T. stands for:Role- whos writingAudience- who youre writing toForm- type of writingTopic- what you are writing about

  • Expository

    RoleSupermanAudienceLex LuthorFormLetterTopicBeing evil

  • ExpositoryGood writers write strong main idea sentences when writing body paragraphs.

  • ExpositorySnowboarding EquipmentSnowboardBootsBindingsOuter wearWhich one is the good one?Snow boarding requires a lot of equipment.

    Before you hit the slopes, you need to make some important decisions on what type of snowboard, and snowboard equipment is right for you.

    Now that weve talked about how to snowboard, Im going to go into detail talking about equipment.

  • ExpositoryHow many sentences should a good body paragraph have?1 Main idea sentence2 sentences per detail1 transition sentenceTotal of at least 8 sentences.

  • ExpositoryGood writers pay attention to starting their sentences in a variety of ways.Dont write like a Robot!

  • Expository.You will need a snowboard. Make sure you choose one that feels right. You will need boots. Make sure they fit comfortably. You will need bindings. Make sure you connect them.Snowboarding EquipmentSnowboardBootsBindingsOuter wear

  • ExpositoryWith sleek designs and high tech materials, the right snowboard is tough to choose. Pay attention to your style, and choose a board accordingly. Almost equally important are the boots. No matter what you choose it is most important that they fit comfortably. What links your boots to your board? Bindings. Bindings are the glue that links the rider to their board and must be given appropriate attention.Snowboarding EquipmentSnowboardBootsBindingsOuter wear

  • ExpositoryGood writers use transition sentences to lead the reader from one body paragraph to another.

  • ExpositoryThe ShipCabinTop DeckDining Room


    Now that you know all about the ship, Im going to talk about excursions.

  • ExpositoryThe ShipCabinTop DeckDining Room


    The cruise ship is truly filled with excitement, but the adventure continues when you step off to explore new places.

  • ExpositorySnowboardingGearBoardBootsBindings

  • ExpositoryGood writers end their pieces with conclusions that remind the reader of their main ideas and the thesis.

  • ExpositoryAs you can see, gorgonzola, brie, and cheddar are all amazing cheeses. Cheese is a fantastic food that everyone should enjoy.

  • ExpositoryWhether you are experimenting with gorgonzola crumbled over a fresh salad, enjoying a soft brie spread over a warm baguette, or simply indulging in a grilled cheese with cheddar and tomato soup, cheese is truly a complex and magnificent food. Cheese comes in many shapes, flavors, and styles; how you choose to enjoy it is up to you.

  • ExpositoryEven if you've played a lot of Skate, there are definitely enough new features and improvements in Skate 2 to make it worth a look. The presentation is slick, the controls are great, and at times you really do feel like you're skateboarding. Its unfortunate that things get dragged down by the occasionally frustrating and buggy challenges; that walking on foot isnt handled better; and that the games physics and artificial intelligence arent consistent and sometimes get in the way of the gameplay; becau


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