expository essays what is it? how do you write it? how do you rock it?

Download Expository Essays What is it? How do you write it? How do you rock it?

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Expository Essays

Expository EssaysWhat is it? How do you write it? How do you rock it? What is an expository essay? It explains a concept. It provides evidence of that concept. You will have to make a decision about the concept and stick with your decision throughout the entire essay. How do you write it? Choose a side that you feel most comfortable supporting.Define the concept. Write a thesis. Provide two examples of the concept. Give commentary on those examples. Explain what those two examples lead you to believe about that concept. How do you rock it? Use the sentence stem for the thesis. Make sure your two examples are logical and fit the concept. Use specific examples. Make sure you have meaningful things to say about the examples you chose. In your conclusion, present a new idea that you were able to develop based on your examples. How to rock it, contd?Avoid saying you, I, and me.Indent your paragraphs.Write at least 2 paragraphs.Avoid to be verbs = am, is, are, was, be, being, beenNever state the obvious, like saying My evidence proves or My thesis is. It makes you sound like you dont know how to write. Avoid words like good, bad, thing, stuff, a lot, something, etc These words tell you a whole lot of nothing. Examine the prompt. Read the poem and answer the question that follows.

Think about the following statement said by Libba Bray, a novelist:

Writean essay discussing whether or not there is a benefit to regretting the past. Provide at least 2 reasons or examples to support your position.

This is how both your CFA and STAAR test will be set up. Examples.What side can you best find examples for? Is it good to regret the past? OR is it bad to regret the past? Fill your examples into your chart.

Theme of examplesWhat is a one word theme for your examples? Write it on the chart. Write the thesis. A thesis is a super, awesome topic sentence for your whole essay! (concept) is a (kind of thing it is), characterized by (the things characteristic features or what it is composed of), which is the result of (what brought the thing about or sustains it), and is designed to (the purpose of the thing). You just fill in the italics. Do this as the top of your chart. Theme to thesis. Explain how that theme fits or clarifies the thesis. Write it on your chart. Example to thesis. What does your example have to do with the thesis?How does your example support that your thesis is true? Fill this into your chart. Develop your conclusion. 1 + 2 = 3 and A + B = C It is something new, but it contains the examples. Try not to say the same thing over again. Think deeper. Put it together in a stronger way. Instead ask yourself:What connects your two examples? When you put the two examples together what does it say about the concept? Directly answer the prompt question without examples.Chart to EssayDefinition Thesis

Intro Sentence 1 Theme to thesis Example 1Commentary 1 Example to thesisIntro Sentence 2 Theme to thesisExample 2Commentary 2- Example to thesis.



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