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The visual slide show for my History 9 students' expository essay.


  • 1. Expository Assignment Overview

2. Why? To dig deeper into empires and discover the lessons we can learn from them. 3. What? O There are 2 sections of questions you choose one from each section. O There are four empires to choose from: O You will need to choose at least 2, and more if you choose. O The possible empires have been limited to ensure a level of consistency in the what our class studies during the semester. O 2 parts to the assignment: O Written responses = 2 responses @ 400 words each O Oral Presentation = 2-3 minutes 4. Written Component The written component must: O Define key words and concepts used to respond to the question O Use evidence from the selected empires as illustration O Contain two responses, each no more than 550 words, and no less than 450. O The strict word count range is intended to force you to formulate your ideas carefully and craft your writing succinctly. O Utilise an (MLA) reference style 5. Written Component Instructions O There are 2 sections of questions O You choose 1 question from each section O Answer both questions O Stay within the 450 to 550 word limit for each response O Citation List is not included in the word count 6. Oral Presentation Component The oral presentation must: O Present one of your answers in an oral presentation O Be between 2 to 3 minutes in length O Utilise a visual aid that enhances your message (extra points will be reward for creative thinking!) 7. Criteria and Weighting Criteria Description Weigh t Meets Due Dates There will be several due dates through the project that you will need to meet, i.e. Drafts, Class Conference, Final Deadline. 20% Written Component Depth, clarity, accuracy, referencing and language, word count. 50% Oral Presentation Knowledge and understanding, information, visual aids, eye contact, use of voice and body, time use. 30% 8. Notes on Grading This is worth 50% of your Unit grade. O Unit 1: O Timeline 20% O Flow Chart 20% O Expository 50% O Key Homework Reviews 10% Semester Grade breakdown: O Unit 1 40% O Unit 2 40% O Semester Exam 20% O Therefore your expository assignment is worth the same as your exam! 9. Due Dates Name What is due Format Date Plan Paper Basic research, outline of written responses Hard copy Thursday Class Conference Your Plan Paper Class Activity As above Draft Writing The first draft of your written component Digital Online by Monday, 5pm (dropitto.me) or early Final Paper Your final draft of the written component Hard copy Wednesday, 3rd of October Oral Presentation s Your well prepared and amazing oral presentations Oral presentation with supporting aids Thursday and Friday, 4th and 5th of October 10. Empires O Aztec O Rome O Ottoman O Aksum 11. Questions: Section 1 O Using 1 empire as an example, discuss the influence of religion in the identity, authority and expansion of empires. O Using 1 empire as an example, examine the role of language in the rise, expansion and fall of empires. 12. Questions: Section 2 O By comparing 2 empires, explain how the structure of a society influences the authority, expansion, and stability of an empire. O Using 2 empires as illustration, explore how the needs of humans have been met by past empires.


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