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<ol><li> 1. UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE CHIMBORAZO FACULTAD DE CIENCIAS DE LA EDUCACIN, HUMANAS Y TECNOLOGAS LANGUAGE SCHOOL GRAMMAR VI NAMES Cauja Vanessa Gonzalez Francisco Erazo Miguel Prez Evelyn TOPIC: Reflexive Pronouns </li><li> 2. SEMESTER: 5th LANGUAGES A TEACHERS NAME: Msc. Magdalena Ullauri WHAT ARE REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS? A reflexive pronoun is a type of pronoun that is preceded by the adverb, adjective, pronoun, or noun to which it refers, so long as that antecedent is located within the same clause. In English grammar, a reflexive pronoun indicates that the person who is realizing the action of the verb is also the recipient of the action. While this might seem strange at first glance, the following examples ofreflexive pronouns and the accompanying listofreflexive pronouns will help you gain thorough understanding. In fact, you will probably notice thatyou yourself use reflexive pronouns frequently when speaking or writing. Reflexive pronouns are used when the object is the same as the subject. For example, in the sentence "he hurt himself", he and himself refer to the same person. Reflexive pronouns are also used for emphasis. In this case, they are referred to as intensive pronouns. For example, in the sentence "Ispoke to the president himself", the speaker emphasizes thathe spoke to the president personally NOT somebody else. </li><li> 3. THE FORMS OF REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS PERSONAL PRONOUN REFLEXIVE PRONOUN EXAMPLES I MYSELF YOU (SINGULAR) YOURSELF YOU (PLURAL) YOURSELVES HE HIMSELF </li><li> 4. SHE HERSELF IT ITSELF WE OURSELVES THEY THEMSELVES WHEN TO USE REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS 1. When the subject and the object refer to the same person or thing. </li><li> 5. He accidentally cut himself while he was chopping the vegetables. She bought a present for herself. We helped ourselves to the free drinks at the launch party. They injured themselves during the rugby match. I enjoyed myself at the concert. The dog is scratching itself it must have fleas! 2. As the object of a preposition, when the object of the preposition refers to the same person or thing as the subject of the verb in the same clause. She did it by herself. That man is talking to himself. 3. When you want to emphasize that someone did something without any help from anyone else. Ill do it myself. (No-one else will help me.) They ate all the food themselves.(No-one else had any.) 4. You use reflexive pronouns with by to say: That someone does something without help from other people. When babies start eating their meals by themselves. She was sure she could manage by herself. 5. You use reflexive pronouns in some common expressions. </li><li> 6. Behave yourselves! (Comprtate bien!) PlayHelp yourself. (Srvete t mismo.) PlayMake yourself at home. (Sintete como en tu propia casa.) 6.-You use reflexive pronouns for politeness: We sometimes use reflexive pronouns instead of personal pronouns for politeness, but not as the subject of a clause: The National Trust is a charity depending on the support of people like yourself. (or people like you.) WHEN DONT USE REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS We dont normally use a reflexive pronoun after washed/shave/dress/ feel/relax/concentrate/meet because those verbs describe actions that people normally do to themselves. He got up, washed, shaved and dressed. (Not washed himself etc.) You can also say get dressed (He got dressed) I feel nervous. I cant relax. You must try and concentrate.(not concentrate yourself) What time shall we meet? (not meet ourselves, not meet us) </li><li> 7. UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE CHIMBORAZO FACULTAD DE CIENCIAS DE LA EDUCACIN, HUMANAS Y TECNOLOGOGAS LANGUAGE SCHOOL GRAMMAR VI GROUP N 6 NAME: SEMESTER: DATE: INSTRUCTIONS: A is out6 points. B isout 4 points GOOD LUCK ! </li><li> 8. BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www.grammar-monster.com/glossary/reflexive_pronouns.htm http://grammartips.homestead.com/self.html http://web2.uvcs.uvic.ca/elc/studyzone/330/grammar/reflex.htm} http://es.slideshare.net/pietvanderlaan/reflexive-pronouns-14537702 http://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/pronouns-reflexive-myself-themselves- etc http://www.myenglishpages.com/site_php_files/grammar-lesson-reflexive-pronouns.php </li><li> 9. http://www.grammar.cl/Notes/Reflexive_Pronouns.htm http://www.curso-ingles.com/gramatica-inglesa/pronombres-reflexivos.php </li></ol>


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