Exploring Transmedia: An Introduction + 4 Future Predictions

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EXPLORING TRANSMEDIAAN INTRODUCTION + 4 FUTURE PREDICTIONSWWW .MADELLC .USAPRIL 20172017 MADE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.http://www.madellc.us/http://www.madellc.us/blog/2017/4/10/marketing-exploring-transmedia-an-introductionWhat Is Transmedia?Where Did It Come From?Current Trends4 Future PredictionsOUTLINE www.madellc.ushttp://www.madellc.us/blog/2017/4/10/marketing-exploring-transmedia-an-introductionhttp://www.madellc.us/WHAT IS TRANSMEDIA? Telling of astory universe across multiple platforms & mediums.TRANSMEDIA BooksVideosArticles MerchandiseAudioConversationsWHERE DID TRANSMEDIA COME FROM?MARSHA KINDERPlaying with Power in Movies, Television, and Video Games: From Muppet Babies to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles1991* This is one of the most widelyregarded first documented uses ofthe term "transmedia."HENRY JENKINS"The best transmedia storytelling serve four key functions. It extends the time line, maps the world, explores secondary characters, and engages the audience."* In his 2006 book, "ConvergenceCulture," Henry Jenkins identifiesthe seven principles of transmediastorytelling.CURRENT TRENDSADAPTATIONSFilms From Older GenerationsBased On Musical RecordingsInteractive CinemaExpanding Video Game Story WorldsINTERDISCIPLINARYCOMMUNICATIONSCollaborative WorkflowUnifying Platforms Of CreationHolistic MindsetEngaging Consumers4 FUTURE PREDICTIONS1.BIGGER & BETTER REBOOTSBIGGER & BETTER REBOOTS1.The big studios have begun to bemore discerning with what theychoose to invest in. We are at thebeginning of well thought outreboots which add to the originalstory world.2.MORE CROSS- STORY DEALSMORE CROSS- STORY DEALS2.As original IP begins to drive theflow of capital and productionresources, more story universeswill combine to give fans adeeper connection to theirfavorite characters.3.ORIGINAL IP @ INDIE LEVELORIGINAL IP @ INDIE LEVEL3.With the rising costs of licensingmainstream IP, independentwriters and media producers willbe forced to create newcharacters and story worlds toattract their unique fan base.4.BIG STUDIOS WILL WAIT FOR THE CRASHBIG STUDIOS WILL WAIT FOR THE CRASH4.Transmedia is advancing thedevelopment of technologieslike virtual reality. Many startupswill develop products but fail tosuccessfully launch, leaving thebig studios a ripe opportunity.FINAL THOUGHTSTransmedia is changing the way we tell stories, share information, and connect with one another...and it's only just begun!Image Credit: John Craig Freeman//Wikimedia CommonsTHANK YOU !Please SHARE, Like, and Comment.WWW .MADELLC .USPHILADELPHIA , PAhttp://www.madellc.us/blog/2017/4/10/marketing-exploring-transmedia-an-introduction