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Explore the Activity Center at yiclub.lcef.or g Where saving money is fun And helps others learn about jesus Since you excel in everything; in faith, in speech and knowledge. In earnestness and in love-see that you also excel in the grace of giving. 2 Cor. 8:7 Prepare, Provide and Protect: Opening Doors, Sharing Opportunities Prepare for the Unexpected Open a Family Emergency StewardAccount . Want to know more? Check out lcef.org or call Join the LCEF Experience. LCEF is a nonprofit religious organization, therefore, LCEF investments are not FDIC-insured bank deposit accounts. This is not an offer to sell investments, nor a solicitation to buy. LCEF will offer and sell its securities only in states where authorized. The offer is made solely by LCEFs Offering Circular. Investors should carefully read the Offering Circular, which more fully describes associated risks. StewardAccount access features provided through UMB Bank n.a. The Demand/Dedicated Certificate and StewardAccount are not available to investors in South Carolina. The Family Emergency StewardAccount is known as the Family StewardAccount in the state of Ohio. ConnectPLUS is not available to investors in Ohio or Pennsylvania. Neither LCEF nor its representatives give legal, accounting or tax advice. Consult your tax advisor as to the applicability of this information to your own situation. UMB Bank n.a. serves as the custodian of the LCEF IRA/HSA program. Lutheran Church Extension Fund-Missouri Synod (NMLS #3444). National office: Sunset Office Drive, Suite 300, St. Louis, MO


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