Expert tips to avoid wedding bouquet disaster

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Expert Tips To Avoid Wedding Bouquet Disaster

Wedding is one of the most important moments in a persons life. Every bride wants to look special on her D-day and one important item a bride cannot walk down the aisle without is the wedding bouquet. These days there are many expert florists available like 800 Flower who provide the best bridal bouquets in Dubai to make your wedding special, but if you have decided to choose your wedding bouquet yourself, then here are some common wedding bouquet disasters to avoid.

Avoid making color combination mistakesColor combinations can make or break your floral decor. First of all, dont choose only one color. Combine different colors that complement each other like, combine purple with lavender blue and perhaps light yellow or orange to create interesting and harmonious arrangements. As a rule of thumb, use Brights with Brights, pastels with pastelsto make an attractive bouquet that complements your wedding dress.

Avoid choosing the wrong flowers for your bouquetA lot of brides assume that their wedding flowers will be just fine on their own for the entire day. However, different flowers have different needs. So, its always good to do adequate research before choosing a particular flower for your bouquet or consult a good florist for wedding flowers in Dubai like 800 Flower, who will not just help you choose the right flowers for your special day but will also suggest low maintenance flowers that you wont have to maintain.

Avoid being obsessed with one kind of flowerBeing obsessed with one kind of flower is not a good idea. This mistake will limit your selection and can cost youa lot of money. Know what you like and dont like, choose your overall look, mood and color choice, and then consult a good florist to know the best options available to you.

Avoid choosing flowers with strong aromaChoosing highly aromatic flowers for centerpieces may sound like an amazingly romantic idea, but it will drive your guests insane if they are prone to allergies. For highly aromatic arrangements, stick to your bridal bouquet and the altar arrangements.

Avoid choosing oversized bouquetsBrides often think: the larger the better!' What they don't realize is that the larger the bouquet, the more it covers and fights with the overall design of their dress. Further, it is inconvenient to carry a huge and heavy bouquet with a heavy wedding dress. It is always good to think about the size and comfort when it comes to your bouquet.

Bouquet is one of the quintessential accessories for brides. So, make it special by using the tips above or by simply calling the floral experts at 800 Flower. 800 Flower is known for its best flower delivery in Dubai. The floral design experts at 800 Flower are experienced and ready to help with all of your wedding floral needs. From beautiful bouquets to classic boutonnieres, memorable ceremony flowers to spectacular table centerpieces, 800 Flower has you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Consult an expert today to make your wedding bouquet a truly special addition.For more information, visit-