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  • Expert, Solutions-Focused, Aggregate, Asphalt, and Chemicals Testing

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  • Professional, Customer Service-Focused Lab Testing While we at Levy Technical Laboratories are dedicated to accuracy and quality testing services, we also understand that customer service and professionalism are an important part of the working relationship. We apply the same effort and dedication to the way we work with our customers as we do to the way we build and operate our labs.

    By applying the breadth and depth of our knowledge, experience, and expertise to work for our clients, we provide them with the actionable results that they can apply to improve the products and services they offer.

    Certification Levy Technical Laboratories is certified and accredited at the national, state, and industry levels, including: n AMRL R-18 accredited n InDOT approved n ISO-17025 accredited n Technicians certified in: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan,

    Ohio, and South Carolina

    Technical Lab Services As a division of Edw. C. Levy Co., Levy Technical Laboratories has honed its lab testing services as part of one of the most respected companies in the industry. We provide an extensive list of testing, ranging from soil testing to innovative services like volumetric stability of steel aggregate.

    To find out more about working with Levy Technical Laboratories, contact us at (219) 462-2924 or

    Aggregate Testing n Autoclave Disruption: Indiana: ITM 219 n Autoclave Expansion: ASTM C151 Modified n Deleterious Pick: DOT Procedures/ ASTM

    C294, C295 guidelines n Density Determination: Water Displacement n Flat and Elongated Particles: ASTM D4791 n Fractured Particles: AASHTO T335 /

    ASTM D5821 n Gradation: AASHTO T27 / ASTM C136 n Gradation of Mineral Filler: AASHTO T37 / ASTM D546 n LA Abrasion: AASHTO T96 / ASTM

    C131, ASTM C535 n Loss by Wash (Minus #200): AASHTO T11 / ASTM C117 n Micro-Deval Abrasion: AASHTO T327 /

    ASTM D6928 n Moisture: AASHTO T255 /

    ASTM C117 n Organic Impurities: AASHTO T21 /

    ASTM C40 n Permeability of Granular Soils: ASTM D2434 n Plasticity Index / Liquid Limit: ASTM D4318 n Potential Expansion of Aggregates:

    ASTM D4792 n Resistivity o Soil: AASHTO T289 /

    ASTM G57, G187 o Aggregate: ASTM G187 Modified n Sand Equivalent: AASHTO T176 /

    ASTM D2419 n Specific Gravity: AASHTO T84, T85 / ASTM

    C127, C128 n Un-compacted Void Content: AASHTO T304 /

    ASTM C1252 n Unit Weight: AASHTO T19 / ASTM C29

    Your Single Source for Aggregate, Asphalt, and Chemical Testing Levy Technical Laboratories, a division of the Edw. C. Levy Co., has made a name for itself as one of the most professional and innovative lab testing services and data interpretation providers throughout the world. That tradition of excellence, which stretches back nearly a century, is the basis for everything we do at Levy Technical Laboratories.

    Our technical lab services and testing are held to the highest standards. When it comes to testing materials like aggregate, asphalt, soil, and chemicals, we exercise the kind of care and commitment to detail that guarantees our clients the most accurate results possible.

    Contact Levy Technical Laboratories and let us help you design a lab testing program that gives you the information you need to grow your business or answer important research questions.

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  • Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Testing n % Air Voids: AASHTO T269 /

    ASTM D3203 n Asphalt Binder Content by Ignition:

    AASHTO T308 / ASTM D6307

    n Gyratory Compactor: AASHTO T213 / ASTM D6925

    n Marshall Stability and Flow: AASHTO T245 / ASTM D6926-D6927

    n Extracted Aggregate: AASHTO T30 / ASTM D5444

    n Specific Gravity o Bulk (Compacted Mix): AASHTO T166 /

    ASTM D2726 o Theoretical Max: AASHTO T209 /

    ASTM D2041 o Vacuum: AASHTO T331 /

    ASTM D6752 n Tensile Strength Ratio: AASHTO T283 /

    ASTM D4867

    Cement Testing n Blaine: ASTM C204 n Chemistry: ASTM C114

    Soil Testing n California Bearing Ratio (CBR):

    AASHTO T193 / ASTM D1883

    n Optimum Moisture/Density o Standard Proctor: AASHTO T99 / ASTM D698 o Modified Proctor: ASTM D1557 n Permeability of Granular Soils: ASTM D2434 n Plasticity Index / Liquid Limit: ASTM D4318

    Agricultural/Chemical Testing: n Buffer pH: Sikora Buffer Method n Calcium Carbonate Equivalent (CCE):

    ASTM C25, C602 / AOAC 955.01

    n Free Lime: ASTM C25 / STMC Free Lime

    n Loss on Ignition: ASTM C25 n Mehlich: Mehlich 3 n Mercury Scan: SW846 6010B n Nutrient Scan: AOAC 965.09 / 2006.03 n Organic Matter: AASHTO T267 / ASTM

    D2974 n pH (Solids): SW846 9045D /

    AOAC994.16 n Silicon o Soil Availability: Acetic Acid o Soluble Silicon: Na2CO3-NH4NO3

    Digestion / Microwave / ICP-OES

    o Total Silicon: SW846 6010B Method 3052

    n Target Analyte List (TAL): SW846 6010B o Digestion - Aqua Regia: Method 3050B - Hydrofluoric: Method 3052 - Microwave: Method 3051A n TCLP (Metals Only): SW846 1311 Method 3015 n XRF – ED: ASTM E1031, C1271 o Pressed Pill o Fused Bead

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  • Levy Technical Laboratories

    (219) 462-2924

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