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Use this template to streamline the write up of experiments for your students. Includes a glossary of basic terms like aim, hypothesis, materials, method, results and conclusion for students new to experimental report writing.


  • ExperimentTitleExperimentSubtitle

  • AimHypothesisMaterialsMethodResultsConclusionAim defined.Hypothesis defined.Materials defined.Method defined.Results defined.Conclusion defined.

  • Aim

  • Hypothesis

  • Materials

  • Method

  • Results

  • Conclusion

  • TheEnd

  • GlossaryAim The reason for doing an experiment.

  • GlossaryHypothesis What you think your results will be.

  • GlossaryMaterials The equipment needed to complete the experiment.

  • GlossaryMethod The steps that must be taken to complete the experiment.

  • GlossaryResults What is observed when the experiment is conducted.

  • GlossaryConclusion What has been learnt from the experiment?

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