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  • 2. Vlerick Business SchoolSTRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION3Execution is not only the biggest issue facing businesstoday; it is something nobody has explainedsatisfactorily.(Bossidy and Charan, 2002)
  • 3. Vlerick Business School4
  • 4. Vlerick Business School55 Op Weg naar een Strategiegerichte Organisatie
  • 5. Vlerick Business SchoolDEFINING STRATEGY6
  • 6. Vlerick Business SchoolDEFINING STRATEGY7strategy occurs at different levels7
  • 7. Vlerick Business SchoolDEFINING STRATEGY8
  • 8. Vlerick Business SchoolDEFINING STRATEGY: EASYJET CASE9Whom do we serve?How do we realize this?What do we provide?What is our valueproposition?People paying a ticket out of their ownpocket; not the fat catsShort-haul flights, no longer than 4hEuropean destinationsOperational excellence:standardization, no-frills, the basicsLow priceConvenience: fast and easy
  • 10. Vlerick Business SchoolDEFINING A COMPETITIVE THEME11What is our valueproposition?What is ouroperating model?
  • 11. Vlerick Business School1212 Op Weg naar een Strategiegerichte Organisatie
  • 12. Vlerick Business SchoolA MODEL FOR STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION13Source: Vlerick Business School/Electrabel (GDF Suez) (2004, 2013)
  • 13. Vlerick Business SchoolALIGNMENT14Operational Excellence Product Leadership Customer IntimacyOrchestrating theme Best price and/orBest access (fast, easy,painless)Best product Best service and/orBest connectivity(relationshiporientation)Direction and goal settingprocessesEfficiency throughprocess thinkingZero-defect serviceBest product throughcontinuous productinnovationClear innovation strategy:where to place the bets?Understanding thebroader problemHaving expertise aboutthe customers businessCustomers carefullyselectedOperational processes The operationsdepartment drives thecompanyAttention is paid toprocess speed and qualityR&D is key: ideamanagementMarketing is also key:educate people with amissionary zealGet engineers, designers,and marketerssystematically togetherDemonstrate expertiseand experienceStrengthen therelationshipBuild loyalty: focus oncustomer retention
  • 14. Vlerick Business SchoolALIGNMENT15Operational Excellence Product Leadership Customer IntimacySupport processes Highly automatedprocessesInformation systemsincrease control andcoordination andstreamline tasksWorld-class supply chainmanagementClear innovationgovernance processSystematic process forallocating resources toinnovation programsKnowledge sharing andnetworksSystematic collection ofcustomer and marketinformation (throughCustomer RelationshipManagement)Structured sales processEvaluation and controlprocessesRigid, centralized controlDetailed measures onvarious aspects of theprocessSetting higher thresholdsInnovation performancemeasuresControl, learning, andexperimentationDetailed measures aboutaccount penetration andloyaltyLifetime value of thecustomerOrganizational behaviorprocessesCentralized structureOrganization structuredaround core processesCulture of continuousimprovementFluid organizationstructureStimulate diversity,tolerate mavericksLow levels offormalizationEntrepreneurial cultureDecentralizedorganizationEmployee retentionFocus on quality, definedfrom the customers pointof view
  • 15. Vlerick Business SchoolALIGNMENT16
  • 16. Vlerick Business SchoolALIGNMENT17
  • 17. Vlerick Business School1818 Op Weg naar een Strategiegerichte Organisatie
  • 18. Vlerick Business SchoolA MODEL FOR STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION19
  • 19. Vlerick Business SchoolBELANG VAN STRATEGIE20 Op Weg naar een Strategiegerichte Organisatiethe entrepreneurial organization
  • 20. Vlerick Business SchoolEEN STRATEGIEGERICHTE ORGANISATIE21 Op Weg naar een Strategiegerichte Organisatiethe structured organization
  • 21. Vlerick Business School22 Op Weg naar een Strategiegerichte Organisatiethe connected organization
  • 22. Vlerick Business School23 Op Weg naar een Strategiegerichte Organisatiethe committed organization
  • 23. Vlerick Business SchoolA MODEL FOR STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION24
  • 24. Vlerick Business School2525 Op Weg naar een Strategiegerichte Organisatie
  • 25. Vlerick Business SchoolFEEL LIKE SOME MORE?26Essentials in Strategy fall 2013Successful strategy execution Spring 2014Senior executive programme: middle managers fall 2013